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The Top 5 PDF Form Fillers in 2022

PDF forms are ubiquitous today. Though the functionality for a PDF to act as a digital version of hard copy paperwork has been around since near the inception of the format, only more recently has the shift towards paperless offices put the PDF front and center in many business workflows. You may encounter a purchase order form from a supplier in PDF form, a marketing questionnaire, or even official government and tax papers. All these solutions require a PDF form filler to get the job done.

With so many options out there, how do you pick the one with the functions and features right for your needs? Explore this quick look at the top picks for a PDF filler in 2022.

1. Kofax Power PDF

An all-in-one software package that gives users everything they need to work with this format effectively, Power PDF features a highly intuitive and familiar user interface packed full of advanced functionality. “Form Typer” functions enable automatic form creation from static fields, and users can easily add their own form fields, too. Available for a one-time licensing fee, Power PDF delivers top-shelf functionality at a competitive price.

2. Foxit PDF Editor

A popular PDF alternative, the Foxit PDF Editor has basic form-filling functionality with more advanced versions offering additional tools that some businesses may need, such as e-signing. The free version of Foxit is relatively limited, however, and users won’t be able to access some features they may need when working with forms.

3. Nitro PDF

Another popular program, Nitro PDF, also lets users quickly fill out PDF forms and includes built-in signing capabilities like all the choices on this list. That opens doors for doing more than typing in information: it lets you validate documents and speed up signature-related workflows to authorize paperwork faster. However, Nitro can struggle with very large PDF forms and does not offer a version for Mac users.

4. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe has broad name recognition and played an essential role in creating the PDF originally. For years, its software was among the only options for business users who needed a tool to work on PDFs and fill out forms. Today’s Acrobat still has many features, including tools that let you save form selections to fill out documents that need similar information quickly. However, its high price tag and subscription model can put it out of reach.

5. PDFelement

A solution that aimed to simplify work with PDFs, PDFelement has the form filling features you may need — but only if you upgrade to the software's advanced “Pro” version. That version nonetheless offers the features users need to effectively work with forms or create forms from currently unfillable documents.

Complete Any PDF Form in Seconds with the Right Choice

Choosing the software that makes the most sense for your business requires a careful, thorough evaluation of your needs, including the forms you most often encounter. Combining this assessment with a close look at how the choices described above align with your requirements is the key to making a smart choice.

Leading solutions, including Power PDF, often let you explore features firsthand before making a final buying decision. Try a free trial of Power PDF today to discover how to fill out a PDF form the easiest way and empower your business to be faster and more accurate in paperless workflows.

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