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Add Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to Salesforce

The process of analyzing, extracting, and transforming information from both structured and unstructured documents is integral for many companies today to be successful. However, many businesses struggle processing large amounts documents —from onboarding employees, opening new bank accounts, to handling customer complaints. Companies lack the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) automation tools to accurately process documents, and instead rely on staff to perform the manual work of extracting document data. This manual approach is error-prone and adds more pressure on the business processes that rely on having accurate and reliable data.

The Kofax TotalAgility Salesforce Connector is a robust way to eliminate these concerns and improve data accuracy. With this Connector, you can automate all your document-based workflows to work smarter and faster while keeping human knowledge workers in the loop for critical decisions.

What Is Kofax TotalAgility?

TotalAgility (KTA) delivers a complete low-code solution to help organizations with their intelligent document needs. Unlocking the value of documents and unstructured data using embedded AI and advanced automation capabilities, resulting in optimizing back-office operations and process efficiency. At the core of KTA is a powerful cognitive capture engine, trainable to learn how to understand and extract information from virtually any kind of document—electronic, written by hand or printed. KTA also brings together low-code processing making it easy for users to quickly build business processes to classify and train documents that include business validation.

Kofax Digital Workflow Transformation

How does it work?

With the TotalAgility Salesforce Connector, you can extract information from physical and electronic documents, and automatically ingest that data into Salesforce, eliminating the need for manual entry and processing, while keeping human-in-the-loop capabilities.

The Connector is built to work with any standard or custom salesforce object and can work with any of the Industry Clouds like Financial Services or Health Cloud.

Kofax Salesforce Connector KTA Screen

Discover how the Kofax Total Agility (KTA) Salesforce Connector can increase the value of your Salesforce investment by:

  • Extracting information from physical and electronic documents
  • Define what document data to send to Salesforce
  • Ingesting document data directly into Salesforce from Files, Emails or Shared Drives
  • Eliminating arduous manual processes
  • Add Pre and Post Processing Steps or call out to 3rd party web services
  • Automating capture while maintaining human-in-the-loop capabilities
  • Achieve multiple language recognition (incl. Asian Languages)

Getting Started Today

To learn more about the TotalAgility Salesforce Connector and how it can help you automate your document intensive business processes into something more efficient, sign up to view our free webinar today. This on-demand session provides a high-level overview of the connector and an in-depth look at the most valuable use cases in a live demonstration environment. See firsthand how connecting Kofax TotalAgility and Salesforce can mean smarter, faster work today.

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