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The Kofax Software Marketplace: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Intelligent automation is not just the future of how we work — it’s helping businesses become more cost-effective and efficient by reducing reliance on human interactions and data-intensive workflow processes today. Across industries worldwide, more companies are fully transforming their businesses with the help of intelligent automation platforms. As AI (Artificial Intelligence) and other machine learning tools continue to mature and find a niche within business, opportunities for change continue to expand. Kofax suite of products exists at the forefront of this transformation today, from our Intelligent Automation platform for enterprise businesses down to rethinking how organizations manage digital documents.

Achieving speed is a key challenge in the realm of automation. Doing things right matters — but achieving process improvements and empowering your teams to be more productive should happen as soon as possible. At Kofax, part of our mission is to enable our customers to achieve those out-comes, finding both quick wins and long-term opportunities for allowing automation to reshape the way you work.

Developing solutions from the first line of code is often too time-consuming and too complex for even a large corporation to undertake efficiently. Instead, embracing the right platform for intelligent automation is the first step. We have taken the next step towards helping our customers automate effectively, too: with a digital marketplace filled with pre-built apps, connectors and frameworks ready to integrate into your Kofax deployments, along with free templates and best practice guides to help you maximize your ROI faster.

Let us look at how these solutions continue to push business capabilities forward and explore how the innovative Marketplace can help your team start finding solutions to your business problems today.

What's Inside Kofax Intelligent Automation?

Before delving into the Marketplace and everything you can find there, let us quickly cover some of the latest advancements and capabilities available with Intelligent Automation.

  • Robotic process automation. From extracting data from a system for display to moving information between systems and carrying out repetitive tasks, RPA is a fundamental element of automation today. Kofax RPA tools are versatile and built to be easy to integrate across many industry verticals, whether in healthcare, financial services, government, or supply chain.
  • Cognitive capture technology. Using the power of machine learning and document intelligence, deploy systems that make data processing simpler and faster. Automatically recognize forms and documents, extract information from their fields, and input them directly into key systems for integrated, de-siloed data sharing.
  • Advanced process orchestration. Orchestrate better business processes by unifying work between people, robots and software. Go beyond the basics of automation with these tools and start to re-shape entire business processes from end to end. Gain enhanced visibility into how every process works and discover insights into unseen bottlenecks and slowdowns.
  • Deep data analytics. What kinds of stories does your business in-formation have to tell? Process your business intelligence, generate reports, stake out possible routes of action and deliver key insights to your partners.
  • Flexibility for a mobile world. Integrate every technology in your business under one umbrella, from e-signing solutions to MFD administration, biometrics and more.

As you build your investment in this space and deploy more tools, you may recognize a need to connect some elements for a specific workflow. You might see a problem and wonder if anyone else has ever worked through the same issue, or you might know how to speed up a process. These are normal steps along the road to automation — and the Kofax Marketplace should be the first place you look for help.

What is the Kofax Marketplace?

The Kofax Marketplace is a digital ecosystem for the exchange of purpose-built solutions, apps and connectors. In other words, think of it as an "app store" — a place where you can find solutions that solve business problems and extend Kofax products. There are some tasks that many different businesses might need to perform or integrations between multiple applications or platforms that could yield value. Our goal with the Marketplace was to provide a central exchange for this work.

Automation can bring incredible value and numerous benefits to organizations that leverage its power intelligently. However, companies must avoid wasting time on "reinventing the wheel." Even with low and no-code environments such as those found within Kofax RPA, building a new solution always takes time, energy and cash.

Determining the best way to budget the resources available to your organization means knowing how to craft an automation journey that makes sense for your goals. If you could focus development hours on a solution that adapts to a niche, in-house use case rather than on a more basic software robot, shouldn't you? This question gets to the heart of the Kofax Marketplace and its purpose: saving time and enabling intelligent, collaborative automation.

In the Marketplace, you can explore assets partners have created as part of their journeys before contributing the work for the benefit of all. Search for your solution, find what you need, and enjoy rapid deployment within the Kofax software that you want to modify or extend.

More than just a resource for automation assets, the Marketplace is also a place for exchanging ideas and learning. Here, you can access support products created by automation experts to guide you through common problems or projects and the ideal way of approaching them. With more than 650 business partners representing tens of thousands of customers worldwide, there is always something new in the Marketplace, too.

The Benefits of a Centralized Solution for Finding New Tools

Why dedicate time to exploring the Marketplace and what it offers? There are six key reasons to make this digital space a prime destination for your teams tasked with automation.

  • Save time. As mentioned, reinventing the same solution someone else has already innovated is rarely the right move—most use cases in these situations are not so unique between businesses that a custom asset is necessary every time. The Marketplace lets you benefit from the time others have already invested.
  • Find solutions ready-made for your business problems. Go into the Marketplace with a clear idea of the type of asset you need, whether it is a robot to log in to a website and download data or a connector between programs. When you do, you can quickly pin-point assets that address your specific need.
  • Uncover ideas and approaches you had not considered before. Even when you do not have a clear sense of what you need next, the Marketplace offers an excellent opportunity to do some "window shopping." See problems from a new perspective and make unexpected discoveries that can lead to the next big jump forward in your automation journey.
  • Extract more value from your existing investment. Inside the Marketplace, connectors, robots and other assets all provide opportunities for you to expand the reach and impact of your Kofax applications. Enhance and upgrade your capabilities without exploring a new software stack or an additional licensing arrangement.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to achieve automation milestones. With the power to rapidly deploy these solutions owing to their close integration with all the elements of our Intelligent Automation platform, you can achieve critical agility within your market space.
  • Prepare your business for its next growth stage. Does your team need to respond to the challenges of scale quickly and capably? Find the resources you need in the Marketplace and be ready to capitalize on growth opportunities when they arise.

Bringing these benefits to bear for all our customers was a key reason we developed and continue to support the Marketplace.

Which Kofax products can You Enhance with the Marketplace?

The extensibility of Kofax products is one of their key strengths — and a quick look at the list of apps you can extend, fine-tune, and customize in the Marketplace reveals just how true that is. You can start exploring assets for products that include all the following:

  • Kofax TotalAgility
  • Kofax RPA
  • Kofax AP Essentials
  • Kofax Capture
  • Kofax Transformation
  • Kofax Insight
  • Kofax Express
  • Kofax SignDoc
  • Kofax AutoStore
  • Kofax ControlSuite
  • and more

No matter how few or how many products you use, you can find the connectors, modules and other solutions necessary to make these solutions work how you need.

What Types of Assets Can You Find?

We aimed to create the Marketplace as a space where it would be easy for users to find anything they might need in one location where searching is simple. That aim also drove us to support multiple asset classes. What can you find here?

  • Connectors. Link up Kofax products with other software, make connections between systems, and extend your ability to stream-line key elements of every process.
  • Robots. Skip the process of building new software robots from the ground up when you can quickly find RPA frameworks to slot into your existing deployment. Find task-specific robots and enjoy rapid results.
  • Scripts and code. Integrate additional functionality into your software without the need to learn heavy-duty programming languages yourself.
  • Dashboards. Enjoy all-in-one solutions for centralizing and visualizing important data.
  • Frameworks and tools. Find niche and generalized utilities to ad-dress specific tasks or add the functionality you need.
  • Automation templates. Quickly customize and deploy automated workflows based on existing solutions.
  • Custom workflow utilities. Reduce human error in key processes and proprietary software while achieving better speed.
  • Solutions for scale. Advanced automation to rework larger processes for agility and resiliency.

Depending on the solution you are looking for, some are completely free while others are paid solutions that you will contract through the various partners.

Discover In-Depth Educational Resources

You can find more than just technical solutions that you can use to expand the reach of your automation platform. We have also made the Market-place an area where you can come to learn. With training solutions contributed by both Kofax and our partners, you can engage more deeply with automation tools and retain additional information about how to use some of the assets available online.

Find Industry-Specific Solutions

We always strive to support our partners across industries, and that is true in the Marketplace, too. We provide purpose-built industry solutions to address these vertical challenges, pain points and standard procedures. Our top industries include:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Public Sector
  • Supply Chain

Equip Your Business with Agility and Advanced Capabilities Today

When your business wants to save time, work towards scaling up, and deliver more excellent customer outcomes, automation and AI are the tools to do so. With the power of our Intelligent Automation platform and the extensibility of the Marketplace, you can rapidly work towards task, process improvements, and maximize your ROI faster. From the way you capture and digest documents to how you empower your customer support teams to deliver excellent service, we provide the tools to do it all.

Accessing the Marketplace lets you save time, find solutions that address your everyday problems, and expand your capabilities without an extensive investment into a complete development cycle. With such a straightforward way to dramatically expand the capabilities and interoperability of your investment in Kofax software, why wait any longer? Start exploring available connectors, plugins and enhancements today—and make your business ready to Work Like Tomorrow.

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