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Reinventing Print and Capture for Tomorrow

Have you ever looked at an especially messy business problem and thought, “why hasn’t someone ever invented a solution to [blank]?”

If you’re like me, you may experience a moment’s guilt as you consider why you didn’t create that much-needed solution. But then you look at the day’s “to do” list and lose all sense of guilt. Besides, one would imagine that innovation would come from those with the deepest expertise and greatest creativity in [blank]. Which is why we’re launching a new solution to solve an especially messy business problem. 

We’re making it safe and easy to capture, create, manage, distribute, and store your documents. 

Spending on information security is expected to reach $124 billion this year. Yet it seems every technology vendor is trying to make documents more accessible and more portable for the sake of greater productivity.

It’s estimated that at our current pace over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day. This is an unmanageable number of documents being created, edited and shared daily throughout your organization – both physical and digital.  How easy is it for those documents to fall into the wrong hands – or fail to be delivered into the right hands? What about all their potential misadventures, from being forgotten in a copier tray to being hacked and exploited by cybercrooks? And then there’s the money wasted every year on unnecessary printing.

Why hasn’t someone ever devised a single solution that makes it safe for employees to capture, share, and print documents? That reduces document costs? Automates compliance audit trails? All in a single solution with a unified interface that works across hybrid infrastructures that include different multi-functional print devices (MFPs), mobile devices and the desktop. 

We have. Today we launch Kofax ControlSuite. ControlSuite will increase office worker productivity, minimize security breaches, and reduce compliance costs with the most intelligent, integrated, and innovative print and capture feature set. Your organization can leverage these integrated capabilities to adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of increased demand for information access combined with the increased threats to that information. 

Last thought: Charles H. Duell was Commissioner of the U.S. Patent Office in 1899 and supposedly he once said, “everything that can be invented has been invented.” It turns out, according to research by patent blogger Dennis Crouch, he’s had a bum rap all these years. So, no, inventions will never cease. And we’re bringing you a doozy. The one you’ve always wanted, but never thought you’d have.

You can learn much more about the problems we’re solving in our new white paper, Documents are Your Business