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The Advantages of the IBM On-Demand Export Connector

Even in today's highly digital world, we must still handle and process physical paperwork regularly. Those papers originate from many sources and often have specific destinations within your company's filing system. Scanning, moving that paperwork to the right place, and ultimately making it available for easy retrieval is a critical process for efficiency and effective work today—but it can be a complex undertaking. With the right software and tools, such as the IBM On-Demand Export Connector for Kofax automation solutions, you can remake the way you work.

Computer systems that don't talk to one another effectively aren't helping your business achieve all it can. At the same time, highly manual processes—especially surrounding documents—hold you back from realizing growth opportunities. Investigating automation solutions such as Kofax Capture or TotalAgility and powering them further with the right software connections can make a big difference.

Take this opportunity to explore why now is the right time to reshape your document handling and related digital workflows—and see why connecting to your IBM solutions is the best choice.

The Value of Good Document Management Today

Today's businesses handle higher volumes of document-related data than ever before. Consider the paperwork generated by internal processes and all the items associated with every customer's account. Billing statements and payments alone can represent overwhelming volume—and keeping track of all that information is not simple.

Better document management solutions, from the initial capture and ingestion stage to classification, storage and sharing, make the difference. The effect of improving your procedures is twofold: your teams can work more efficiently, and your customers can enjoy a more responsive experience through online self-service options that can quickly retrieve the relevant information.

Beginning with Kofax software such as Capture or TotalAgility, you can structure document ingestion workflows supported by cognitive capture for an intelligent workflow. Connecting the source of your documents with their final destination is the next step—and that's where the CaptureBites connector for IBM Content Manager OnDemand becomes important.

What Does the IBM Content Manager OnDemand Do?

Designed as a solution for capturing documents and automating the process of document storage, IBM Content Manager OnDemand is a highly versatile tool for enterprise-level operations. Creating a highly indexed central repository of records streamlines and simplifies search, opening the door to automated document retrieval.

For example, if a customer wants to access their most recent billing statement through an online self-service portal, this solution makes it fast and easy for someone to do so. Likewise, internal teams gain valuable insights into every customer without putting undue strain on your in-house IT teams.

Finding the right document shouldn't be like looking for a needle in a haystack; otherwise, what's the point of digitizing paperwork in the first place? Using the IBM Content Manager provides a secure, reliable way for capturing, archiving, and retrieving various document types.

When you have large amounts of paperwork to scan into your computer systems, how can you ensure that your IBM system receives the relevant data in the right format?

Why You Should Connect Your Kofax Software

With industry-leading document intelligence and cognitive capture tools, Kofax offers excellent opportunities for mastering the transition from hard copy to digital file. Especially suited for large volume batch scanning, tools including Kofax Express and Capture work seamlessly with automation you deploy through TotalAgility. The result is the opportunity to effortlessly capture, classify and extract data even from unstructured documents.

Now the question becomes: what do you do with that data now that you have it in hand? As we've seen, the IBM Content Manager delivers an incredibly robust solution for indexing, archiving, and retrieving documents. You can access many benefits by combining the powerful capture solutions Kofax offers with the depth and power of OnDemand as a document repository.

Finding the Right Solutions in the Kofax Marketplace

CaptureBites created the IBM On-Demand Export Connector to provide a direct link between your digital document source and its ultimate destination. Built to handle a high volume of information during batch scanning, the connector captures document images and indexed data. It then automates the process of moving that data into the IBM system.

The result is a simpler way to scan and archive your information seamlessly for outgoing and incoming purposes. Ingest documents through one workflow you're already familiar with, then automatically transfer extracted data into the system you use for managing and working with that data.

The Benefits of Better Automation

Why make the effort to bridge the gap between your Kofax solutions and your IBM document repository? There are many advantages. Here are the most notable changes you can see:

  • Save time and reduce burdensome workloads on teams that might otherwise need to manually extract data, classify documents, or move them manually into a repository.
  • Make captured document data available for search and retrieval as soon as possible after creation.
  • Support better customer experiences and improve outcomes of customer service interactions that require document retrieval and display.
  • Remain agile and flexible even at scale with the capability to manage high volumes of incoming data.

With an integrated approach, you'll improve efficiency across the board—which ultimately translates into a positive impact on your bottom line.

Get Started and Explore Your Options Today

As you follow the path towards intelligent automation, even something as simple as how you handle paperwork is worth consideration. With IA tools and the appropriate connectors, you can make document workflows into a valuable asset for your business. Instead of holding you back, these improved processes empower your business to do more, deliver better service, and maintain high-level visibility into critical information.

With the IBM On-Demand Export Connector, effective management of diverse document sets is within easy reach. Find out more today about how to add this capability to your business, or explore the Kofax Marketplace for even more ways to extend and enhance the value of your investment in Kofax solutions.

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