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A PDF Editor for Remote Freelancers

Freelancing is no new invention, but it has exploded in popularity as a career choice over the last decade. For many reasons, it's easier than ever to work from home—or to work from anywhere, for that matter. Freelancing provides excellent levels of flexibility, but it also demands focus and attention to detail to successfully manage all the moving parts of your own business. A fully-featured PDF editor can play a vital role in those management efforts.

Why should freelancers take a closer look at how they conduct document management? There are many reasons, from keeping key business items in order to protecting your information or that of your clients. With Kofax Power PDF, you can handle all of the most important document-related tasks in one platform that's easy to use and simple to learn.

How Can Power PDF Change the Way You Freelance?

If your only experience working with PDFs involves many frustrations with the format's limitations, you might be surprised at how much is possible. With Power PDF, you can do a considerable number of things that can become critical parts of your workflow. What are they?

Create and Edit PDFs With One Solution

PDFs offer an easy way to share documents where the correct formatting and display of contents is important. That feature makes them popular for items such as white papers, e-books, and more. With Power PDF, you can create PDF files in seconds and customize them to suit your needs.

Likewise, you can edit PDFs, which many users find challenging without the right software. Although more free tools exist today, many lack the full range of editing tools you need to perfect your PDFs. With software purpose-built for these tasks, you can skip the hassle, work faster and enjoy better results.

Convert Files To and From PDF as You Require

What if you have a file in one format but need to put its data into a PDF file? Likewise, what about the opposite situation? You might have a PDF with data in a table that you'd prefer to work with in Excel or need large blocks of text to edit. Copying and pasting is tedious and can introduce errors into the process—so Power PDF makes conversions easier than ever.

With support for many types of file conversions, Power PDF enables you to swap quickly between formats with as few issues as possible. You can do it with Power PDF, whether PDF to Word or PowerPoint, and back again.

Redact Sensitive Information With Permanence

Even freelancers need to be mindful of data privacy and security. While you may not handle as much sensitive information as a business, you could still run into situations where your documents contain private information. When you no longer need that information but must retain the rest of the document, how can you be a good steward of that data? Using Power PDF for fast redactions is the answer.

With an intuitive redaction tool that also lets you search and redact, you can quickly black out information that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands. Once you save the document, that data undergoes a permanent removal—so no bad actors can recover it later.

Password Protect Your Documents

Whether you have information about a client's internal processes or possess customer data, you should keep your documents locked down in the digital space. Passwords and strong encryption in Power PDF make that simple. Adding a password to a document ensures that if someone steals your data or accesses your systems with ill intent, you can limit the damage more effectively.

Integrate With Kofax SignDoc for Streamlined Workflows

What if, when you needed a signature from a client, you could send that document directly from the place in which you created it? Power PDF's integration with Kofax SignDoc gives you access to a complete solution for secure digital signing. Specify signature fields, set options, and email the document directly to your recipient. They can then access the online SignDoc workflow to sign the paperwork and return it to you seamlessly—it couldn't be easier for freelancers to gather necessary approvals.

Embracing the Future of PDFs and Automation for Freelancers

Advanced technology isn't the sole domain of big corporations and multinational enterprises. Even freelancers can benefit from upgrading the software that empowers their daily work. With a PDF editor such as Power PDF that can do so much in one place, you can reshape key workflows, be more productive, and keep your data safe. See firsthand what a difference it can make when you explore a trial version of Power PDF today.

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