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New in Power PDF 5: Streamlined Browser Integration

The PDF is a format with many uses, and its applications in the business world are broad—but even with an incredible number of PDFs out in the world, this format has always remained somewhat limited on the web. In the past, most web browsers struggled to open PDFs in a timely fashion, if they could even open and display them at all. When bandwidth was at a premium, a large PDF could consume a ton of resources. As a result, less focus was put on supporting PDFs on the web.

That focus has shifted today. Faster internet speeds, more compact and web-friendly PDFs, and the general growth of the format all mean that it's normal to encounter these files online. However, robust support within the browsers has lagged, even with the growth of native support in Chromium-based software, such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

With the latest version of Kofax Power PDF, new plugin integration for those Chromium browsers gives you access to a better online PDF editor.

Power PDF: Now in Your Browser

Encountering a PDF online, such as a corporate white paper or an important eBook, should be a smooth and seamless experience. Too often, it's the opposite—clunky and slow. However, with Power PDF integrated directly into Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, you can enjoy a more responsive experience. Enjoy access to the same convenience, ease of use, and functionality of the desktop application from within your browser.

It takes only seconds to pull down a PDF from the web using Power PDF and to open it for editing or modification. For business users, the time saved here adds up—and over time, that translates to better productivity and all its attendant benefits. Transforming a web page into a PDF file you can mark up and edit for illustrative purposes is far simpler with the integrated Power PDF plugin.

Power PDF 5 includes a host of other improvements, including better integration, enhanced support for in-app signature workflows using Kofax SignDoc, and more. It's everything a business needs in a PDF editor today.

Adding this functionality to your business is easy and cost-effective. With both one-time perpetual licenses and term license solutions available, you can choose the option that best aligns with your business's accounting practices and budgetary needs.

See What's Possible with a More Powerful PDF Editor

With an incredible array of features and a new version jam-packed with even more functionality, Power PDF is the ideal solution for SMBs today. Cost-effective, easy to use, and featuring seamless integration with a wide variety of systems, Power PDF represents a potential leap forward for your business.

Take the first steps today and discover how to add an online PDF editor to your lineup today. Download and explore a free 15-day trial version of Power PDF now.

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