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Making Sure Your PDFs Are the Right Size for WhatsApp

Today's business environment is dramatically different from the environment of even just a few years ago. As "return to the office" pushes meet resistance and the popularity of remote work remains high, the "hybrid" approach has become a new norm for many companies. As a result, the need to keep employees connected and in easy communication has never been greater. At the same time, there has been explosive growth in messaging applications for both desktop and mobile users.

One of the most popular chat apps in the world today, WhatsApp, also includes support for fast and simple document sharing. This functionality makes it an attractive option for some users, especially when they frequently need to share documents back and forth.

There's just one issue: WhatsApp has a file attachment upload limit of 100 megabytes, and some larger, longer PDF files can easily exceed that limit depending on the document's contents. How can you shrink the files, so they're the right size for WhatsApp? With Kofax Power PDF, you have several options.

The Options You Have for Shrinking PDFs

First and foremost, you should look for a way to reduce the PDF size. If you can shrink the file size below the WhatsApp limit of 100 megabytes, you should be able to send it to others for review and consideration with ease. While you might not find this in a PDF editor for free, using Power PDF, there are several ways you can reduce a PDF's size depending on whether you're willing to make compromises. You could:

  • Use the built-in compression algorithm to reduce file size without any impact on quality.
  • Change the PDF to black and white from color.
  • Use compression options to remove all embedded media, such as graphics.
  • Use heavy compression, which can impact visual quality, to reduce the file size as much as possible.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to what results you need from the process. Visit our helpful how-to article for in-depth information on how to compress PDFs for WhatsApp.

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What if Compression Doesn't Solve the Problem?

Sometimes, a PDF may be so large that there is no way to achieve the file size you want without serious compromises on quality. You can use a workaround in this situation: break the big document into smaller pieces. This way, you can send the file in pieces. Power PDF makes this process incredibly fast and easy, too. When you don't want to host a document on a cloud service or share a download link over WhatsApp, splitting the PDF is your next best choice. See how right now.

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Prepare Documents for Easier Online Sharing Today With Power PDF

Whether you need to share documents over WhatsApp, Slack, Discord, or any other popular messaging apps today, you'll likely encounter attachment limits with or without premium account features. Using Power PDF, slimming down your documents so they can squeak in under these limits is easy. From compression to splitting PDFs and more, Power PDF puts all this functionality within easy reach—and it's easy to learn, too. See just how simple it is when you download a free trial of Power PDF and explore its features for 15 days starting today.