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Free Solutions for Kofax Apps from Kofax Labs

Today's business environment demands agility and flexibility powered by advanced technology solutions. Meeting customer needs, managing vendors and directing personnel towards productive activities all demand different tools today. Achieving as much integration as possible is vital for success today but you need to keep an eye towards the future, too. With your investment in Kofax apps, you can enjoy an incredible degree of modularity that yields key benefits.

To help our customers tap into the full potential of what's possible with the Kofax suite, we created the Marketplace—a place where users can go to find premade solutions designed to address specific pain points or to achieve a desired level of functionality. From connectors that let you integrate with gold standard platforms such as SAP to custom dashboards for special reporting, there are many options.

As you explore the Marketplace, you'll see that a wide range of contributors provides modules and solutions. One of these contributors is Kofax Labs—an independent but affiliated group creating custom solutions for Kofax TotalAgility, RPA, AP Essentials and other Kofax products.

What is Kofax Labs?

Kofax Labs is an independent group of professionals working directly with Kofax apps on a regular basis. This group includes software developers, sales engineers, service consultants and numerous others with a high level of experience and understanding in Kofax applications. Throughout the course of their work, the members of Kofax Labs often encounter new customer needs or identify scenarios where a need for a custom solution might arise.

They then take matters into their own hands and take action, working to develop those solutions. Applying real world experience and a deep, firsthand knowledge of the way these applications work, Kofax Labs pro-duces a wide variety of solutions that provide extensive functionality up-grades alongside valuable "how to" resources. All these solutions then go into the Marketplace, where they are free for anyone to download and use.

What Can You Find from Kofax Labs?

When you start exploring the Marketplace, you'll see that the Labs team has been very busy over time: there are many potential solutions for you to find here. These include:

  • Custom connectors to interface with other systems or to integrate new data sources. For example, Kofax Labs has created an RPA-powered connector for using ZIP files within your workflows.
  • Frameworks and templates help you customize your implementation and reach ROI faster on your Kofax investment. The Kofax Labs-produced Process Intelligence demonstrator lets accounts payable professionals explore how to harness advanced automation for key gains.
  • Pre-built software robots to automatically perform low-level repetitive tasks for speed and error reduction, such as a check-depositing robot using Kofax Cognitive Capture and RPA.
  • Apps and sample scripts so your developers can explore how to create their own tailored solutions.
  • Educational resources on Kofax products, including "how to" guides on implementing process intelligence and other tools.

The Benefits Users Enjoy with Kofax Labs Solutions

Using the Marketplace to discover Kofax Labs solutions can provide your business with some key advantages. Why take the time to explore and download new solutions?

  • They're free of charge. Expand your capabilities without an additional investment.
  • They're built on professional experience with years of time spent in automation production environments.
  • They target specific solutions. Kofax engineers and other professionals built these tools themselves based on identified customer needs, so you don't have to start from scratch.
  • They provide a learning foundation for organizational improvement. Use Kofax Labs resources to learn more about how to fully embrace today's automation technology for real-world gains and a better bottom line.

Start exploring the Marketplace for connectors and more from Kofax Labs, and start expanding the value of your investment in Kofax apps today.