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How to Insert an Image into PDF in Six Simple Steps

Unless you have graphic designers in your office, administrative employees usually don’t possess the in-depth skills to rework images to add them to documents. The reality is that sometimes, you may require the skill to move forward, but you don’t necessarily have the means to hire a graphic designer. The simple answer is powerful PDF software.

Having access to a reliable, affordable program such as Kofax Power PDF can solve this issue for you. We’ll discuss how you can effectively combine images into a PDF for your critical documents.

Six Steps for How to Insert an Image Into a PDF

Power PDF is an award-winning PDF software and for good reason. You don’t require extensive experience or qualifications to operate the program and create a PDF with images. Here’s how:

  1. Download Power PDF for your business and open the software on your Windows computer.
  2. Select the file menu, and then click on “open file”, which allows you to browse your system.
  3. You’ll need to change the dialogue in the drop-down menu from “.PDF” to “All Files”. As a result, you’ll be able to access image files on your computer such as .jpg to insert the image into a PDF.
  4. Find the image that you want to insert into your document and click “open”.
  5. The program automatically creates a PDF document with the image that you selected.
  6. If you want to add images to an existing PDF file, simply follow the previous steps to find the image, and drag and drop the picture into the area that you prefer.

It can be this simple to learn how to turn an image into a PDF. In as little as six steps, you can incorporate critical images into a document to demonstrate evidence or present an idea. The greatest advantage of using Power PDF is that you don’t need to train your staff extensively to use it: the interface is similar to Microsoft Office, making adoption a breeze.

Which Image Files Can Power PDF Insert?

Your staff may not know image formats well or realize which files to use when inserting images into a PDF. Here are the most common file formats that this PDF editor uses:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • GIF (Non-Animated)

After inserting relevant images into a PDF, you can use them in document assembly or capitalize on the merge function to include them in other PDFs.

Why Power PDF?

Power PDF is the best alternative to Adobe on the market. It delivers a wide range of features at an affordable rate. The software objective is primarily to enhance your business operations, and with a perpetual license that you only need to pay for once, it’s the most cost-effective option.

Power PDF meets both basic and complex needs. With built-in security features, redaction capabilities, editing, creating, merging, and converting, you’ll struggle to find more powerful software at an affordable rate. Take advantage of the free 15-day trial to thoroughly enjoy some of the features that Power PDF packs, and then decide if it’s the ideal solution for your business’s future.

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