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Improving Your Customer Service With Secure PDF eSigning

Business communication and documents have become quite intricate, with varied file types everywhere and numerous ways to send them. Many of these documents require signatures, and without the secure PDF eSigning tools that Kofax Power PDF offers, it can take much longer to sign these documents than necessary.

Today’s blog considers the benefits of eSigning and how it can go beyond improving your business experience while investigating how it can drastically affect your customer experience.

The Basics of an eSignature

Before getting into the details of how eSigning improves your customer service, let’s delve into what an eSignature is and how you can use it.

an eSignature is the same as a wet ink signature, but you can add it directly to any of your PDFs. You don’t have to print files, sign them, then scan them again to finally send them. Simply open the file, add your signature, and send it. Compared to wet ink signatures, you’ll notice quickly how much time you can save using eSignatures.

Power PDF even allows you to store signatures, so you don’t have to redraw them every time you sign a document. You merely select a saved signature and decide where to add it to the document.

Lastly, you gain additional security to your signed documents since our digital security keeps track of the state of a signed file once sent. Should any third party alter the file after you’ve sent it, the receiver would clearly see that the signed copy is invalid and that someone interfered with it.

How SignDoc and Power PDF Improve Customer Service

Once you integrate digital signatures into your business, your customers will immediately feel the difference, especially if you deal with many documents that require signing. Here are the noticeable improvements to customer service through digital signatures:

  • Faster turnaround times. Fast turnaround times are essential to good customer service. When a customer needs assistance, the faster you help them, the better, and the more likely they will refer your services and continue using them. Digital signatures allow you to get documents to your clients faster and vice versa, speeding up typically slow processes.
  • Proof of security. When clients use digital signatures, the files they sign start tracking their own state to increase security against unwanted alterations. Promising this level of security helps clients tremendously.
  • Completely mobile-friendly. Your clients can quickly sign their documents and return them matter where they are since PDFs are entirely mobile-friendly. Should something happen, and the customer has limited time to get a document back to you, no one will have to panic about getting to a printer and scanner first.

Your clients will notice when you add more functionality to your business avenues. Allowing digital signatures – and hence a more secure PDF experience – is one of the ways you can increase your client’s quality of life.

If you want to test our incredible suite of tools – including digital signing capabilities – we offer a 15-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee to help you try our software.