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How to Add Videos to a PDF File

The value of video is hard to overstate, and there are good reasons to explain why video has taken over the web. They provide a quick, easily digestible way to share information while increasing the potential impact of whatever content your business has to share. After all, it's simpler to make a significant impact with video than it is with text or images alone — so why not add one to your next PDF file for a presentation or report?

While most may not think of PDFs and video together, it is possible to create several types of video embeds within a PDF. Best suited for times when you will share the document only with those who will have active Internet connections, such as during a meeting or sharing on the web, this unique step isn't difficult to accomplish. With Kofax Power PDF, a powerful PDF editor, adding video to your files takes only a few clicks. Let's first look at your options for embedding video, then explore what to do to make your PDF a multimedia experience.

How to Combine Video and PDF

There are two ways to add a video to a PDF. In the first method, you could set an image as a thumbnail for a link that leads to a video on the web. This is ideal for publicly available PDFs that could drive viewers to your content. It also keeps the size of the PDF small and compact. The second method involves adding the video directly to the PDF.

When embedding video directly into a PDF, it's important to remember that you have only a few acceptable file type options. These include MOV and MP4 video files but beware that MOV files will only work on machines with QuickTime installed. Window Media Player video files, also known as WMV, will also work as an embedded video. The software technically supports embedding Adobe Flash files, but with the end of Flash support in 2020, this is no longer an option.

Using Power PDF to Embed Video in PDF

Power PDF makes it easy to add video in just a few steps beginning from the Edit tab. Users can select "Insert Movie" from the "Insert" menu. Next, select the area of the PDF where you want to add the video content. Power PDF will ask you to specify some media options to ensure compatibility and to create metadata. Be sure to check the box marked "Embed media in document" to add the file directly to the PDF itself. Click OK, and you're finished — your PDF now has a video embedded and ready to play.

Make Your PDFs Do More with Multimedia Enhancement

With the quick and easy workflows found throughout Power PDF, improving your presentations with video content takes no time at all. Transform your PDFs into a true multimedia experience with just a few clicks. Plus, when you embed video in PDF, you can stretch your investment in video content by finding more ways to use and share it with others. Learn more about how to use Power PDF or explore licensing the software today to unlock more powerful document editing tools. Try a 15-day free trial to see the difference for yourself, or let us know if you have questions.