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Robotic Process Automation

How the Original Robot Transformed the Way We Work

A short life expectancy is the reality for most software and technology products. The world is in the middle of a digital revolution, where the utility of a given technology rapidly diminishes shortly after the next advance is announced. Twenty-year-old software generally falls into one of these three categories:

  1. Broadly hated due to lack of innovation, but widely used and almost impossible to replace. Think legacy enterprise software and fax machines.
  2. Lonely and unsupported in its sunset years with a few stubborn users clinging on. AOL mail and BlackBerry phones come to mind here.
  3. Incredibly alive and better than ever due to continuous innovation and adaptation, which leads to…

This January, I’m excited to share news of a very special birthday here at Kofax: The twentieth year of our market-leading robotic process automation platform, Kofax Kapow™. This year marks a significant milestone for Kapow, the original robot that’s powered automation innovation since well before other RPA solutions were a gleam in their inventor’s eyes.

Kapow has stood the test of time and thrived in the rapidly-changing digital environment through constant innovation ahead of and in response to the needs of the market. From a unique, centralized architecture to a growing customer base, Kapow has smashed the stereotype that technology is either established or emerging. On its 20th birthday, Kapow has proven that you can have your cake and eat it too.

I hope you’ll indulge our ode to Kapow in celebration of 2018, the Year of the Robot

2018, the Year of the Robot Congratulations. It’s your year, Robot! Twenty years ago, you shattered the automation ceiling with world-class web data extraction and robotic capabilities, and you’ve been innovating and powering business processes for more than 550 global enterprise, customers, BPO providers and shared services organizations ever since. You were the #originalbot, born to lead a new generation of companies down the digital transformation highway.

Now it’s 2018, your 20th birthday, and it’s time to take the spotlight once again. You aren’t just a flash in the pan, Robot, a one-trick point solution. No, you’ve evolved over the years, expanding your repertoire from data integration to process automation for major initiatives like customer onboarding and financial process automation. You even married into a great family that gave you a digital transformation platform that can power processes and bridge the gaps created by ERPs and legacy systems.

You’ve done well, Robot, but this is just the beginning. 2018 is your year. Make it amazing. #yearoftherobot

Make 2018 your organization’s Year of the Robot. Learn how to join the robotic revolution and digitally transform the way you work in six simple steps. Download No Rip and Replace Needed: A 6 Step Starter Kit to Implementing Robotic Process Automation today.