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How Do I Edit PDF Files Online?

With many web-based applications replacing desktop software, many users find themselves turning to search engines to locate the tools they need to perform a task or do their job. A significant number of people continue to search for online PDF editing solutions due to a lack of reliable software installed locally. While you may be able to find websites that say they will let you edit PDF files online, most users quickly realize these solutions are not what they need.

Online PDF Editors Often Lack Features

For many years, there weren’t many options for a standalone PDF editor. Expensive editing software often meant that users could read PDFs, but they could not do much else with them. Common problems you can encounter with these solutions include:

  • Limitations on the types of PDFs you can edit, such as imposing a limit on the PDF’s file size, number of pages, or the complexity of its content.
  • An inability to do more than a few basic features, such as inserting or removing text, while lacking more advanced document processes, such as rearranging pages.
  • Few or no features related to security, signing, collaboration and other important workflows.

Often, these online services initially claim to be free but then put up a “paywall” between you and the features you need. Some may even require a monthly subscription. Choosing Kofax Power PDF means paying once and having perpetual access to the features you need — including some online functionality.

Take Collaboration Online With Dedicated PDF Software

While online-only PDF “editors” aren’t the best choice, that doesn’t mean there are no opportunities for online work on these documents. With Power PDF, users sharing the same network can collaborate in real-time on the same document. This functionality ensures that colleagues can work together without worrying about version control for traditional and hybrid offices alike. Here’s how to enable online collaboration in Power PDF:

  1. First, make sure both users have a connection to the local area network. In Power PDF, locate the cloud icon in the left tab menu. You will see a box marked LAN Collaboration.
  2. Press “Start Collaboration,” then use the file explorer to open a document for work.
  3. Click Next, then choose from a list of available users to invite into collaboration.
  4. Click Start. Once the other users accept the invitation in Power PDF, real-time collaboration starts.

With a full suite of editing tools at your disposal, putting the final touches on high-quality reports, marketing materials and more is as easy as possible when you use Power PDF.

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Remake the Way You Work on Documents Today

While online PDF tools might not live up to their promises, Power PDF puts an essential suite of tools at your fingertips. With network-based collaboration, this robust tool goes beyond the basics and ensures users have access to all the advanced features that today’s PDF authoring processes demand. Start exploring these features firsthand and discover how simple it is to learn Power PDF when you install a free trial version for 15 days of evaluation. Get started today.

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