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How Can I Copy Text From a Secured PDF?

With so many PDFs in use, whether on the open web or within a company’s internal network, users can encounter a wide range of issues when using these documents effectively. Difficulty in copying text for use in other programs, such as Word or PowerPoint, is one of the most common frustrations for PDF users. How can you access the information you need if a PDF document has been secured to prevent copying?

It may not always be possible to do so, but a PDF editor such as Kofax Power PDF lets you access the features you need to explore your options and copy text from a secured PDF. There are three scenarios you may need to consider.

Case One: The PDF Requires a Password to Open

Are you able to open the PDF at all? If you receive a prompt to enter a password every time you try to open the document, you will not be able to access the PDF text. Without the password, no software can open the file for you. When possible, such as when an internal document is necessary for your work, you can contact the document’s author to request the access password.

Case Two: The PDF Has Editing Restrictions

If the PDF opens, but you find the copy function does not work, the document may have password-based editing restrictions. Again, you will need this password to extract any information from the document. Some secure PDFs will prevent editing the text but will still allow you to copy it freely. This varies between documents.

Case Three: The Document Isn’t Full Text

What if you can open the document, but there doesn’t seem to be any text to copy? The PDF might be a collection of scanned images rather than text. When this happens, you can use Power PDF to convert the document into something you can effortlessly search, copy, or edit. Here’s how:

  1. Open the PDF using Power PDF.
  2. From the Home tab, locate “Convert” and click “Made PDF Searchable.”
  3. Adjust Conversion Settings as needed or leave them as default.
  4. Click OK.

Power PDF scans the document with optical character recognition and outputs text you can copy.

What if Copying Works, but the Results Aren’t Right?

Sometimes a simple copy and paste doesn’t preserve the specific formatting from the PDF. When you need to copy text with formatting from a PDF, consider converting the document to the format you need instead. Provided you have the necessary access permissions to open and edit the PDF; this too is easy in Power PDF. Discover how now.

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Make Working with PDFs Easier Today

Copying text may be a basic function, but it can sometimes be a task that isn’t as easy as it looks when working with PDFs. Depending on the type of secured PDF you have, you may be able to access its contents, or you may need to contact the document author for assistance. In either case, software with the right features makes manipulating these files much more straightforward.

Power PDF is an intuitive, advanced and fully-featured solution available for a convenient one-time licensing fee. To see how easy it is to work with secured PDFs using Power PDF, try a 15-day free trial version today.

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