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Kofax TotalAgility for Healthcare

Technology has a critical role to play in helping healthcare providers serve the public today. From the technology in hospital rooms to the software running everything behind the scenes, the choices made about technology have significant effects in the real world. Kofax TotalAgility already pro-vides healthcare organizations with a powerful platform for streamlining many tasks. However, with apps and solutions from the Kofax Market-place, you can extend functionality to do more and achieve better out-comes.

Embracing automation elements is the key to achieving the efficiency and reliability demanded in today's healthcare spaces. With Kofax TotalAgility and connectors to other software, you can do more with the same in-vestment. With apps, you can offer new experiences to patients, and automation solutions let you lift the burdens carried by everyone from nurses to office workers.

Let's dig into the specific benefits that healthcare solutions on the Kofax Marketplace offer to both patients and providers, then explore how to-day's available apps could change the way you work.

The Benefits of Marketplace Apps for Patients

Better, more integrated technology is essential for satisfying today's engaged and motivated patients. Systems that put most of the power into the hands of providers often lead to confusion and patients who feel that they have little control or insight into their care. By using Marketplace healthcare apps to build customer-facing applications that leverage Kofax TotalAgility's capabilities and more, patients experience many benefits:

  • Patients can play a more active role in managing their care, from managing and acquiring their health records digitally to receiving test results securely and confidentially online.
  • With more accessible insight into their healthcare profile, available providers, and other information, patients may make more in-formed decisions about their care. For example, an easy way to revisit a doctor's post-surgical instructions or rehab guidelines without making a phone call can solve many common problems.
  • Scheduling appointments becomes much simpler and faster with self-service options.
  • Chatbot integration can answer basic questions and connect patients with a human when needed.
  • Broaden access to healthcare tools for those with disabilities and create a more level playing field for all patients.

How Marketplace Apps Deliver Benefits for Healthcare Providers

Patients aren't the only ones who experience benefits when organizations invest in Marketplace apps that extend Kofax TotalAgility's capabilities. Healthcare providers can see impressive improvements when they select and deploy Marketplace solutions with care. Some of the key benefits available to providers include:

  • Opportunities to save time and complete work faster. Respond to patient needs and requests with greater speed.
  • Fewer human resources are devoted to tedious, repetitive, and low-value tasks. One receptionist could spend hours a day taking phone calls and making appointments manually. A better system can empower patients to book these independently so the receptionist can focus on more important work.
  • Create better patient outcomes and develop a positive reputation for responsive customer service.
  • Improve regulatory compliance, reduce time spent on compliance-related tasks, and improve procedures.

How Kofax TotalAgility Connectors in the Healthcare Industry Are Revolutionary

What are some specific ways Kofax TotalAgility connectors can help healthcare providers? Tearing down silos to unify your different systems can yield many key benefits. The five most significant ways we see Marketplace solutions used today include:

  1. Improving communication with patients and giving them the power to schedule appointments, ask questions, or request prescription refills.
  2. Document intelligence and record-keeping. Cognitive capture tools and connectors to input extracted document information into systems such as Salesforce or healthcare-specific applications change how your teams work.
  3. Compliance. Automated document classification, redaction, and storage lead to a more innovative way of staying compliant without letting human errors disrupt the process.
  4. Cross-team collaboration. Integrate Kofax TotalAgility into Microsoft Teams to make communication between different parts of your healthcare organization simpler.
  5. Improved billing and payment processing. Overhaul how you interact with vendors, connect with insurance providers and more.

Set Yourself Up for Success in the Healthcare Space

A fragmented, poorly connected software system can't deliver the results the healthcare industry needs today. With growing complexity on the back end and increasing demands from patients, meeting these new levels of need requires an intelligent approach to automation and more. The Marketplace and its healthcare solutions can help you do just that.

The opportunity to extract even more value from your investment in plat-forms such as Salesforce and Kofax TotalAgility exists right now. Laying the groundwork for a better way of working and providing healthcare starts with exploring the tools you can find in the Marketplace. How will you prepare your organization to face the future of healthcare and succeed?

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