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Enhancing Productivity With RPA Through Kofax Marketplace

Keeping up with the competition and pushing for the lead in your space is no easy feat. It requires the coordinated efforts of everyone across your business and ties directly into how efficient and productive they are. Today, technology has a key part to play in those efforts. RPA, or robotic process automation, is a powerful resource that can transform the way you work. You can lay the groundwork for even bigger process transformations along the way.

The integration of this technology into your workflows should be as simple as possible. In the Kofax Marketplace, dozens of ready-made RPA solutions are ideal for enhancing your overall productivity. What can that do for you, and how can Marketplace Solutions support your efforts?

Start seeing results with faster automation options

Many business use cases for automation fall into similar categories, even if some ground-level details differ. Using the Kofax Marketplace, you can quickly locate pre-made robots created by trusted and proven developers to address common pain points. With the opportunities you can discover on the platform, it's possible to drastically cut the time it takes to deploy useful solutions.

Furthermore, you can find purpose-built products specifically designed to enhance and extend the functionality of Kofax RPA. These solutions include scripts, automation frameworks, and more that provide a scaffolding for building tools that satisfy business-specific needs. Marketplace solutions enable you to achieve a positive ROI faster so you can pivot your focus to maximize the impact of RPA.

Use robots to scale up and stay efficient

As companies grow, the demands on business processes can increase exponentially over short periods. Staying agile and effective requires the resiliency to achieve operations at scale with fewer disruptions. Software robots are the perfect tool for the job — they never need a break, so they can handle even high volumes of data.

For example, the Email Inbox Helper Robot is ideal for teams that need to handle an increasing volume of emails. Users can configure this tool to automatically reply or sort certain emails while flagging others as high priority for human intervention. Instead of letting teams get bogged down with basic tasks such as inbox management, robots help you achieve speed and efficiency even at high levels.

Automatically retrieve key data for operations

In conjunction with the right connectors, software robot implementation can help you tear down troublesome silos between data sources. These separations often mean that employees must engage in manual operations to move or modify data. With a well-planned RPA solution and connectors from the Marketplace, you can simplify many database operations.

Accessing information from the web is easier, too. You can configure robots to sign into websites, access particular segments, capture data and move it back into a business system. The Marketplace has many examples of these robots, such as one that can check certain commodity prices or retrieve order data from ecommerce platforms.

Create robots for specific employee tasks

Marketplace solutions also include educational tools, such as a guide on rapidly creating software robots for a new purpose. Using these solutions and frameworks, you can target specific tasks that occupy too much of a valuable employee's time. Instead of keeping them focused on menial tasks, RPA can take over while the employee attends to more critical tasks that create better value.

Dozens of RPA Solutions Ready for You Today

With software robots working alongside skilled human employees, you can boost business productivity and achieve notable gains in efficiency. With fewer errors and more resilient business processes, you'll be well-positioned to take full advantage of what automation offers. RPA is a powerful tool, and the Kofax Marketplace is the perfect place to begin exploring how to use that power to your advantage.

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