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Content-Aware Print and Capture: ControlSuite Delivers Expanded Intelligent Automation Capabilities

Think of all the documents you touch in a single day—both physical and digital. Your business runs on the information in those documents. But how are you managing and protecting that data?

Content-aware print and capture technology protects the data in your documents from inadvertent and deliberate exposure. Unlike traditional print management, content-aware print and capture provides the context for printed documents beyond the basics of who, where and when. It identifies the inappropriate printing of information, enables automatic redaction of keywords or patterns and proactively stops jobs from being printed or routed should a document contain sensitive information. Finally, it provides reports that improve auditing capabilities, and sensitive documents are automatically archived to assist with compliance and regulatory audits.

A year ago, we introduced content-aware print and capture through Kofax ControlSuite™. ControlSuite actively manages, secures and governs virtually every aspect of document information distribution via printing, scanning, routing and storing throughout the enterprise—across any combination of hybrid systems, technologies and devices, including MFPs, PC desktops, mobile, email and web capture.

And now, the latest release of ControlSuite offers integration with Kofax TotalAgility™, providing more comprehensive cognitive capture, transformation and business automation capabilities. Most operational processes include printing significant volumes of documents that often contain sensitive company or protected customer information. Unmanaged print jobs or failure to include secure print management controls can lead to compromised data and failure to adhere to compliance regulations. The combined solutions of ControlSuite with Kofax TotalAgility offer the broadest range of multichannel capture and AI-based business process workflows that improve document security, lower operational costs, shorten cycle times, ensure compliance and automate end-to-end business processes.

How can you use ControlSuite and TotalAgility together?

  • Accounts payable automation: Extract information from captured documents, code and approve, and send data straight to your ERP system for payment.
  • Digital mailroom: Receive all documents into a single ingestion point, automatically classify, extract and understand, and route to appropriate department for processing and storage.
  • Streamline application processing: Capture employment and loan enrollment applications, automatically extract key data, run business rules on that data, and route for internal approvals.
  • Case management: Bring captured documents into a case and manage it to completion—for fraud investigations, insurance incident management, healthcare treatment, legal, customer service, and other unpredictable processes.

The latest release also offers disaster recovery capabilities and multi-threaded OCR engines in a single product that will appeal to certain industries, such as government and healthcare. It delivers highly secure, highly reliable print and capture workflow for organizations concerned with maximum system uptime, scalable document processing and throughput and business continuity.

Learn more about Kofax ControlSuite, here.