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Use Printix Cloud Printing From SAP With the BECONEX SAP2Printix Connector

Transitioning to the cloud opens doors for accessing many business benefits. However, not everything integrates as quickly or smoothly as you prefer. There may be significant elements of integrating with your existing infrastructure that you must consider carefully before acting. For example, how can the software communicate with SAP deployments if you choose a fully realized cloud printing solution such as Printix?

SAP processes can produce an extensive range of documents you may need to move from a digital format into a hard copy. That could include invoices or purchase orders, revenue reports, quotes for service and much more. However, you need an intermediary between SAP and devices like printers to make that happen.

Maintaining a Windows-based print server can be expensive and frustrating, especially when working towards a cloud-based strategy. With Printix and pre-built connector solutions available in the Kofax Marketplace, you can enjoy a complete solution to integrate the cloud into your SAP product usage.

What does Printix offer to businesses?

A powerful SaaS platform delivering easy access to managing print jobs through the cloud, Printix serves to aid companies seeking to leave on-premises management behind. Transitioning to the cloud is ideal for companies that need a robust solution ready for growth and operating at higher scales. Enable employees to be more productive while reducing your print-related costs.

When you use a business software platform such as SAP, especially SAP S/4HANA On-Prem, fully embracing the cloud takes more strategy. You may think you need to maintain a Windows server as an output management system (OMS) that SAP can use to convert data into printable files. Why should you move beyond print servers by seeking a more cloud-integrated solution?

Why leave print servers behind?

Print servers have an important purpose, but their administration is not simple. Especially as your organization grows in complexity, running print servers can be costly and time-consuming. Managing users and assigning permissions or printer access can be tedious and require too much hands-on time. Organizing driver installation and updates across a wide range of printing and capture hardware is also a problem area where mistakes can lead to security vulnerabilities.

Transitioning to a cloud setup that allows for printing to any device from anywhere eliminates many of the problems most common to servers. Driver administration is dramatically simpler, while user management is uncomplicated. You need to leverage those advantages within your existing SAP systems. The Kofax Marketplace has what you need to make Printix and SAP work together.

Connecting SAP to your cloud solution

The Marketplace is a destination for expert developers and those highly proficient with Kofax platforms. Among those developers is BECONEX GmbH, a Kofax partner since 2015. BECONEX is also a SAP partner and thus has in-depth experience in automation and cloud solutions alongside gold-standard ERPs. This team provides a connector for extending cloud printing availability to your SAP applications.

With BECONEX SAP2Printix, there's no need for a traditional print server to act as your SAP OMS. Instead, you can manage SAP printing jobs directly in the cloud. Developed to suit both multi-tenant and single-tenant Printix configurations, the connector is immediately ready for use. The Printix tenants you set up become the OMS for SAP, bypassing the need for a print server.

Supported SAP systems include all those that use the ABAP NetWeaver framework. You can readily issue print jobs from SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud and On-Prem with this secure cloud print management software.

The benefits of the BECONEX SAP2Printix Connector

With Printix and SAP working in concert, you can advance your cloud strategy without sacrificing functionality or ease of use. In fact, with SAP2Printix, you can realize key process improvements. Improving the daily experience for business users is also possible. Consider the key advantages this connector affords:

  • Eliminate costs associated with ongoing maintenance of legacy print servers.
  • Streamline business systems to tackle complexity and create new growth opportunities.
  • Improve security and address potential vulnerabilities caused by poor driver administration or update policies.
  • Scale up to meet any level of printing demand.
  • The connector is easy to set up and administer, further reducing maintenance costs.

A straightforward setup and rich functionality can show returns on your investment and process improvements immediately.

Plan your next steps for process improvement

Printix offers cutting-edge cloud printing solutions that scale to meet many needs at the enterprise level. A solution such as the BECONEX SAP2Printix connector makes integrating existing business systems into your cloud strategy easier. The path towards a profitable ROI on automation becomes clearer. Simultaneously, you reduce friction in critical business processes while reducing the burden on your IT staff.

Find out more about Printix today, or explore other Marketplace solutions that may help you extend and enhance your automation efforts.

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