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What's the Best Way to Take Notes on a PDF?

When collaborating on a document with two or more users, hard copy edits are often the norm—and they have been for many years. Making notes by hand on these papers can feel quicker than digital collaboration, but this traditional method has its fair share of drawbacks. Hard copies are easy to lose, papers may sustain damage from errant coffee spills and tracking who has made which edit request can be next to impossible. Once you know how to annotate a PDF, you can solve all these problems.

With fully featured PDF editor solutions such as Kofax Power PDF, you can replicate the document collaboration experience in a digital format to tap into multiple advantages. Let's look at how to transform the way that you work with others or mark up your own documents, whether on Mac or PC.

Why Takes Notes in a PDF?

What are the advantages of annotating a PDF? Take a quick look at some of the features that you can tap into and you’ll see why many offices and entrepreneurs have left behind paper-based processes in favor of digital solutions. By adding notes to a PDF, you can enjoy benefits such as:

  • Easier version control with timestamped notes, so you know who made which edits and when.
  • Less confusion and more clarity about where you've added notes or asked for changes.
  • Opportunities for real-time, on-network document collaboration and markup.

How to Annotate a PDF Using Kofax Power PDF

 Adding notes to a PDF document is easy, whether you're working with someone else or making notes for your own research and information. First, open the PDF that you'd like to modify. Next, follow these four steps:

  1. Select the "Comment" ribbon at the top of Power PDF, which displays the annotation tools.
  2. Select the "Annotate" button, which features an icon of a paper and pencil. The annotate tool appears.
  3. Select a section on a PDF page where you'd like to add an annotation. Place and size the note box where you'd like it—just as you’d put a sticky note on a real document page.
  4. Type your note in the box and save the annotation.

Sometimes, you may want to highlight a specific area of text or an image when you make a note. Use the text box tool on the same ribbon to make your note, then press the speech bubble icon to add a "callout." Callouts draw lines to portions of the document to make it easy to visually spot the specified information.

 Power PDF's annotation tool also features additional markup tools. Use these tools to suggest edits within page text, such as marking text for deletion and suggesting additions.

 Video: How to Add Comments to a PDF Document in Kofax Power PDF

 Transform the Way You Work on Digital Documents

With an easier way to take notes in PDF files, you can improve collaboration, reduce confusion and provide a clear record of notes, suggestions and edits. When you do it all in Power PDF, you tap into the range of additional features and functions that make it a highly versatile tool for digital document work. Discover just how easy it is to create, edit and add notes to your PDFs when you try Power PDF free for 15 days.


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