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5 Steps to Combine or Merge Files Into a Single PDF

In an enterprise setting, users may encounter a high volume of PDF documents on a daily or weekly basis. These files may contain anything from invoice information to personnel data or operational facts and figures. They could be employee training guides or documentation for in-house software and workflows. With so many opportunities to encounter these files, having the appropriate tools to work with them quickly and efficiently is essential.

The need to merge PDF files together is a common one at this business level. It may be a matter of convenience for grouping similar data together, or it might be the consolidation of work done across several different teams. Whatever the reason, combining PDFs doesn't have to be a time-consuming task or a source of frustration. With Kofax Power PDF, you can merge documents together in just a few steps. See how it works.

Using Power PDF to Combine Files Into a Single PDF

Merging files together is a simple process when you use Power PDF. Using a built-in mode called Document Assembly, users can enjoy a drag-and-drop environment that makes working with multiple documents and large numbers of pages effortless. To combine different documents, use these steps:

  1. Open the main document you wish to work from in Power PDF.
  2. Locate the "Pages" section on the Home ribbon and click "Document Assembly" to open a multi-page display.
  3. Right-click on any portion of the Document Assembly pane and select "Insert Pages."
  4. Open the PDF file (or non-PDF for automatic conversion) in the dialog box. Power PDF inserts the entire document into the space indicated. Repeat as needed for additional documents.
  5. When finished, close Document Assembly and save a new copy of your file.

What if the order of the pages is less important at the outset, and the key thing you need to accomplish involves merging a large number of documents quickly? Power PDF lets you combine all open documents into one new PDF in just a few clicks, whether you're on a Mac or PC. Here's how:

  1. Open all the files you wish to combine in Power PDF.
  2. Locate the "Create" section on the Home ribbon.
  3. Click "Combine All," then "Combine all open PDF files."

Power PDF executes the operation and outputs a new file with the contents of all the open documents. Use Document Assembly to rearrange pages as needed or save your document to complete the process.

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Explore All of Power PDF's Rich Features Today

With a simple process for managing document structures and combining PDFs to save space or avoid confusion, Power PDF offers an important tool for business users. Make the PDF format and its features work for you, not the other way around when you use software built with your specific demands in mind.

You can explore a free 15-day trial starting right now. Download Power PDF today and see how easy it is to edit PDF files when you have all the right tools in one convenient package.

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