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Boost Your Effectiveness in Real Estate With Kofax RPA

What is RPA in real estate? Discover how robots transform time-consuming tasks into seamless services.

Fast Facts

Better Outcomes With Automation

What is robotic process automation (RPA) in real estate? It’s a chance to enhance client-servicing outcomes, improve listing quality and eliminate monotonous routines from the workday to make your real estate agency leaner and more effective. Kofax RPA™, an element of the Kofax Intelligent Automation Platform, paves the way for better business outcomes.

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Connect Your Software With Ease

Eliminate repetitive and tedious tasks and sync data across multiple software systems without human intervention.

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Rapidly Develop & Deploy Smart Robots

Low-code development, intuitive robot-building software and embedded artificial intelligence enable any real estate firm to tap into the potential of automation.

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Build New Automated Workflows

Use robots to discover more about your processes and eliminate unnecessary steps and slowdowns. Achieve more with every workday.

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Eliminate Time-Consuming Errors

Accuracy is easy to achieve with RPA in real estate. Agents never need to worry about mistyping critical information while moving data from place to place.


Why RPA and Real Estate Are a Perfect Match

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Increases Productivity in the Office

Robots working alongside agents enable every individual to accomplish more in a workday. Easily retrieve complex data for immediate display or manipulation.

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Frees Agents to Focus on Valuable Work

With robots carrying out key tasks in the background, agents can focus on improving client outreach and completing higher-value tasks for the organization.

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Generates Savings & Pays for Itself

RPA opens the door to reduced labor costs and payroll savings. As a business automates a significant percentage of an agent’s computer-based tasks, they can achieve robust ROI.

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Boosts Customer Engagement

RPA makes it easier to keep in touch with clients without losing the personal aspect of real estate service. Quickly retrieve client data, send automated reminders and more.

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Creates Better Selling Outcomes

Robots can rapidly parse complex data sets to better match properties to client wish lists while automating portions of the closing process. Build confidence in every deal.

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Keeps Real Estate Processes Flowing

Enjoy consistent results with robots that don’t make mistakes or need vacations. Uncover additional use cases and explore the potential for intelligently automating whole business processes.

Key Functions

Why Choose Kofax RPA for Real Estate Automation

Craft Robots With Any Level of Experience

Deploy dedicated RPA professionals or empower citizen developers with a low-/no-code environment that makes it easier to create customized software robots.

Leverage AI-Powered Cognitive Capture

Speed toward a paperless office with automated document processing—a necessity for modern real estate agents. Process contracts, applications and more with ease.

Intelligent Automation Integration

Kofax RPA is just one element of a broader platform for intelligent automation designed to put your business on the road to a complete digital transformation.

Build a Truly Digital Workforce

Manage robotic operations from one convenient dashboard and coordinate interconnected functionality between dozens or even hundreds of automated processes.

Automatically Map Process Flows

How do you get things done in your office? Record screen and application interactions to discover your workflows and identify opportunities to use robots instead.

Scale up at Any Time

Leverage the power of cloud computing or your own hardware to empower robots to work 24/7/365, even with heavy data volumes.

Use Cases

Practical Cases for RPA in Real Estate

Help Clients Find the Perfect Property

Build robots capable of comparing hundreds of criteria in MLS systems and matching properties to a client-defined set of attributes, saving agents hours or days of research.

Digitize Key Business Data for Analysis

Use cognitive capture and RPA to make sense of unstructured data while digitizing key documents for secure storage, sharing and more.

Automate Portfolio Management for Accuracy

Keep your online listings fully up to date with robots that check existing availability and remove or add listings based on criteria you define.

Keep Buyers and Sellers Informed

Never forget to remind a client about an upcoming inspection or signing deadline again. Build robots that automatically send reminders and update appointment systems based on client responses.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Tungsten Automation offers a 30-day money back guarantee for the purchase price on all individual license products purchased on, beginning on date of purchase. Excludes Power PDF Advanced Volume (for Enterprises).