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Using RPA in HR to Improve Every Employee’s Experience

Transform back-office workflows and innovate for agility when you join the ranks of companies using RPA in HR.

Fast Facts

Recapture Valuable Time With RPA

Bring your HR team into the 21st century with the first element of an intelligent automation strategy. Kofax RPA™ (robotic process automation) enables smarter hiring, faster form processing, rapid onboarding and other advantages. Maintain and hone your competitive edge with an HR team in full control of its data, supported by smart software robots that eliminate bottlenecks and errors every day.

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Find More Time for Mission-Critical Work

Let humans do what humans do best: make decisions. Easily create no-code robots capable of automating repetitive, rules-based, back-office HR tasks to keep talent focused on the day’s real challenges and demands.

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Capture Every Automation Opportunity in HR

Empower citizen developers in HR to identify their own automation needs and create new robots capable of augmenting their skills. Generate deep insights into process data and find space for improvement.

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Connect and Integrate With Every System

Automate the reading and writing of data between critical HR software such as SAP or ADP. Guarantee error-free consistency across systems with built-in connectors for instant integration with robotics in human resources management.

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Easily Achieve Quick Wins

Rapidly develop, prototype and deploy robots that start transforming daily workflows immediately. Improve morale, boost departmental efficiency and generate better outcomes for employees.


Why Do HR Teams Love RPA

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Saves Room on Payroll

Using RPA in HR processes creates opportunities to do more with less. Develop leaner processes that save room in the budget while improving HR’s effectiveness.

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Takes the Pain Out of the Hiring Process

Devote less time to talent acquisition while enhancing the reliability of every hire. Simplify CV selection and identify the most suitable individuals to pass on to the interview stage.

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Enhances HR Oversight of Compliance

Receive automated alerts of out-of-compliance actions and exert better governance over processes including benefits management, vacation time and payroll.

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Automates the Onboarding and Exit Experiences

Take tedious paperwork and onboarding tasks out of human hands. With digital documents and an HR robot, onboarding and exit interviews can undergo near-total automation.

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Reduces Errors in Expense Tracking

Errors have real-world business costs. Use robots to capture, verify and record critical HR data, such as business expenses, with 100% accuracy.

Key Functions

What Makes Kofax RPA Perfect for HR

Easily Build Better Robots

Accessing a low-/no-code platform based on an intuitive, rules-based robot builder creates opportunities for rapid automation. Quickly prototype, test and validate functions for RPA in HR processes.

Integrated Intelligent Document Capture

Streamline and enhance one of the most critical functions in HR: handling paperwork. Use cognitive capture technology to scan documents and robots to route them to the right systems.

Process Discovery & Documentation

Use deep data analysis on robot performance to identify missing links and process breakdowns for future automation opportunities. Instantly generate robotic documentation for long-term scaling and support.

Scalability To Meet Diverse Needs

Set up robotic process automation in HR to support your goals today while leaving room to grow. Build and maintain robots that can easily scale to support businesses of any size.

Support for Any HR Software System

Create robots that mimic human screen interactions, opening the door to integration with older or proprietary HR software deployments. Set the stage for modernization.

Explore Intelligent Automation

Kofax RPA is just one part of a broader strategy for deploying intelligent automation company-wide. Build a modern HR department that leverages every tool available.

Use Cases

The Most Effective HR RPA Use Cases

Talent Identification

How do you discover the best candidates to interview when you receive hundreds of CVs weekly? Use robots to centralize applications and evaluate their information according to rules. Automatically forward acceptable candidates to a human HR professional for approval.

Attendance & Vacation Automation

Track employee attendance and time reporting and receive automatic notifications when reported and tracked time don’t align. Offer employees a convenient self-service portal for requesting time off, and use robots to enhance schedule management and resolve conflicts.

Payroll Management

Eliminate costly and stress-inducing payroll errors with broad, robot-based automation. Take tedious data entry tasks out of the hands of employees and place them under the care of always-accurate bots.

HR Analytics & Business Health Assessments

Use robots to gather data for business-critical reports on HR metrics, including time to hire and employee churn.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Tungsten Automation offers a 30-day money back guarantee for the purchase price on all individual license products purchased on, beginning on date of purchase. Excludes Power PDF Advanced Volume (for Enterprises).