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Avoid duplicate work, wasted time, and errors

Power PDF streamlines your workflows with real-time PDF collaboration

Kofax Power PDF is a powerful Acrobat alternative that provides many high-powered functions that help your team. Convert documents from Microsoft Office formats to PDF and back again. Secure your documents with powerful security features that integrate into your network allowing access to the people you want to have it. You can intelligently search through PDF documents as quickly as Word files. One of the areas where Power PDF shines is the high degree of collaboration.

With Power PDF, multiple people can work on the same document. This feature is especially helpful when your team is working on a large document, especially if it involves various departments or specialists. Save time and money through transparent, productive collaboration.

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Eliminate Redundant Work and Facilitate PDF Collaboration

One of the biggest wastes that afflict any company is redundant work. With multiple people working on a single project, it’s extraordinarily easy to duplicate each other’s work. This duplication happens for several reasons:

  • Your staff is working on local copies of a document and upload it only after it’s finished, meaning each member may be making changes that another is in the process of completing.
  • There were multiple iterations of a file and various team members are using different versions, resulting in some of them re-doing work already completed.
  • Ineffective communication resulting in team members producing a frame or skeleton document rather than one person starting the outline for the whole team.

Regardless of how it happens, redundant work causes a problem for a few reasons. First, it wastes employee time and therefore, company money. Next, it creates confusion by increasing the chances of errors. Third, staff can become more frustrated by wasted efforts thereby increasing stress levels.

To avoid these issues, so you need a practical solution that prevents the possibility of redundant efforts. With Power PDF, you can license multiple users to access and collaborate on documents. Since collaboration occurs in real-time, so there’s no possibility that local versions will be created separately, no duplicate versions and clear communication regarding what was done with the document.

Taking Your Productivity to the Next Level

When you streamline your workflow, your business saves money and employee morale goes up. A top driver of employee satisfaction is how straightforward the process is to complete the work assigned. The more convoluted your workflow, the more frustrated and error-prone your employees will be. With Power PDF, you’ll help your business by helping your employees complete work efficiently.

Between the intuitive user interface and the many features, you’ll accomplish work more efficiently. Take Power PDF for a spin in your business and let your employees experience firsthand the benefits of seamlessly working together.

We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you