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Go beyond just basic searches

Power PDF lets you search through hundreds of documents at a time

There’s a big difference between having the right information and finding it. If you need to find a particular passage from a book, it’s in the library, but you need unearth it from the hundreds of pages in each of thousands of books. Similarly, you have huge amounts of information in your documents, but you might only need perhaps a few lines of text.

When there’s hundreds of documents, you need help – and the answer is not Adobe Acrobat. Kofax Power PDF features the Looks Like Search–an intelligent and intuitive pattern search feature helping you find information easily.

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Find What You Need in an Instant with a Smarter Pattern Search

Thanks to the Looks Like Search, Power PDF does more than simple searches. Consider several innovative ways that you can use the Looks Like Search:

  • Locate alphanumeric patterns such as social security numbers, phone numbers, and account codes. You can designate the style in which the information is presented, and Power PDF will locate it for you.
  • Highlight, cross-out, or underline your results making it easier to find relevant information. If you parse through a series of entries that share a small portion of content that’s relevant, crossing out the shared information makes your search easy.
  • Once you’ve found the key information, you can redact or extract it with ease. Make documents safe to share with clients or compile sensitive contact information from multiple documents into a single receiving file.

The best part about the Looks Like Search is it works directly in Power PDF on any PDF document. No matter the source, you can effortlessly find information in any PDF in seconds.

Work Consistently at Peak Efficiency with Power PDF

You rely on your team to work consistently and swiftly. When your staff searches through documents, time is wasted by trying to find the relevant portions. Instead of manually browsing through numerous large documents, help your team eliminate wasted effort. This results in a focused team that completes the work you intend for them.

Power PDF brings together powerful tools into one program. Beyond the intelligent search functions, you’ll find editing, conversion, and collaborative tools that improve your business’s workflows. Bring Power PDF into your business for a free 15-day trial period and experience the difference that it makes. No matter how large or small your organization, Power PDF is the perfect tool to make managing your documents more efficient.

We know PDFs can be critical to your individual or business needs.

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you