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Secure Sensitive Information with Robust Redaction Tools

Some information is not suitable for public consumption, and certain facts need to remain secret for the sake of an enterprise's success. In the field of legal enterprise, ensuring that sensitive information remains protected while sharing related facts is a constant challenge. For tasks ranging from preparing internal documents for public release to sharing files as part of ongoing casework, the right tools are essential for secure, permanent redactions. Empower your office to handle this critical workflow with confidence through Kofax Power PDF.

Implement Best Practices with Ease

For purposes ranging from a lawyer preparing information for discovery to a medical facility safeguarding documents that include patient information, redaction of sensitive data is often a legal requirement. High-profile redaction failures regularly make headlines. A few of the most common errors that undermine the efficacy of redactions:

  • Using graphical markup tools to draw boxes over sensitive text, which other users can easily reverse.
  • Changing font colors to make text unreadable—another change that's easy for a savvy PDF user to undo.
  • Missing metadata: in some cases, you might properly redact text within the document, but the document's metadata still exposes protected information.

With streamlined tools such as Power PDF, it's easy to avoid these critical mistakes.

Power PDF Makes Redactions Reliable

Legal teams need tools that enable quick and accurate work. To support these needs, Power PDF includes several features purpose-built for securing sensitive documents and making them safe to share or upload.

  • Search for particular terms and redact every instance with just a few clicks. Save time and avoid manually highlighting hundreds of terms (such as a client's name or private address) by automating the process.
  • Never forget about metadata and other content, such as comments or markup, when redacting a PDF. Power PDF automatically prompts the user to delete this data while applying redactions.
  • Quickly confirm that you've applied redactions in a fresh copy of the document, leaving no doubt about the expungement of sensitive information.

Cost-Effective, Feature-Rich, and Built for Business

Power PDF is more than a redaction tool. As a fully-featured PDF editor, it is also ideal for solving other common document-related challenges in the office. Merge PDFs from different sources, remove unnecessary pages, and create consolidated documents ready for redaction, collaboration, and other document workflows. Using a familiar Microsoft Office-style ribbon interface, the software’s gentle learning curve makes adopting Power PDF or replacing your existing solution a straightforward process.

Add Power PDF to Your Legal Team's Arsenal Today

Eliminate concerns about problematic redactions by transitioning to a tool that is easy to adopt and quick to learn. Equipping your enterprise with Power PDF is simple with a perpetual licensing option that adds up to a substantial savings compared to popular Adobe product subscriptions: over three years, businesses can expect to save 70% per license.

Explore trustworthy redaction capabilities and merge PDFs with ease during a 15-day free trial. When you're ready, set your team up to Work Like Tomorrow™ with licensing solutions suitable for your needs.

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