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Keeping the Healthcare Administrative Backend Under Control

The back-office world of an enterprise-level healthcare operation is a complex place with many competing demands for your personnel's time and energy. There are plenty of "big picture" processes, such as managing inventory and placing purchase orders for equipment, but there are just as many, if not more, daily workflows that underpin all these efforts.

When those workflows desynchronize with one another due to delays or tedious processes, it doesn't take long for a cascade effect to occur. Tasks that become bogged down in problems with basic document manipulation, including redacting patient documents or the need to merge a PDF, create delays further down the pipeline. With Kofax Power PDF, it is simple to keep these workflows under control and functioning as intended.

Administrative Challenges Common to Healthcare

Creating positive patient outcomes and contributing to good experiences for them may seem like a "front office" concern, but it's not the sole domain of the support staff and the care providers. Back office processes can impact a patient's experience, too, slowing down the flow of information and creating bottlenecks in billing and other areas. Some common concerns include:

  • Tedious document-related workflows, from capturing paper health records on patients on the computer system to working with invoices, receipts, and more.
  • Privacy and security challenges related to keeping patient information safe from unauthorized access.
  • Poor document versioning and intra-office confusion about collaboration.
  • Delays in document authorization and filing.

Alone, any one of these problems might represent an hours-long loss of productivity. Combined, they represent a vast potential drain on time and resources. Power PDF addresses each of these problems with intuitive tools for business.

Streamlining Office Workflows with Power PDF

How does Power PDF deliver a better option than using a PDF editor online with the ease-of-use familiar to users of Microsoft Office products? With a gentle learning curve, Power PDF addresses the above challenges in many ways:

  • Industry-leading OCR enables fast scanning of any paper document to a fully searchable and editable PDF file.
  • Built-in password protection with 256-bit encryption, rights and access control system integration and easy-to-use redaction tools simplify safeguarding patient information.
  • Collaborate on PDFs in real-time over the local network or set up integrated cloud services to empower workers on the go.
  • Electronic signature integration via Kofax SignDoc.

Affordable, Effective Document Management Options for Healthcare

With a powerful all-in-one tool to scan paperwork, redact sensitive documents, and share PDFs with those who need them, controlling your backend processes becomes much simpler. It does not need to be an expense that is difficult for your business to bear, either — certainly not in an industry where costs are always a concern.

Built for business users, Power PDF primarily offers a perpetual licensing fee. Purchase as many licenses as you require for your staff or opt for a volume license to share Power PDF with everyone in the administrative offices. Both options represent long-term savings over popular Adobe products, with typical savings of 70% compared to an Adobe subscription. Learn more about how to overhaul healthcare-adjacent workflows with better software tools today.

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