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Compress Your Files with Power PDF

Although digital storage space is easier to take for granted compared to a physical filing cabinet, it is still a finite resource that requires careful conservation. Even expansive cloud storage options become expensive at higher tiers. For SMBs in and adjacent to the insurance industry, successfully managing the challenges of digital storage and sharing requires a cautious approach to data.

Daily operations may generate a large number of PDF files, or you may need to create and distribute a large PDF containing substantial information. Such a file might be an entire insurance policy, an informational packet for customers, or a report for sharing on the web. With the right tools, such as Kofax Power PDF, you can compress a PDF to enjoy many benefits.

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When and Why to Compress Your Files

Many services have upload limitations on the file size of PDFs you may need to send or share. After assembling an image-heavy PDF, such as a brochure, you could easily see the size of the file bloat to dozens of megabytes or more. Not only are such large files hard to share, but they're unwieldy too, often taking longer to open on slower machines.

Compression enables you to save on file size without sacrificing quality or readability. You won't find a blurry, unreadable PDF after compression. Instead, Power PDF quickly optimizes documents for sharing on the web and for simpler storage.

Choosing the Right Kind of Compression

Power PDF supports lossless compression, which reorganizes the file's data behind the scenes to take up less space. However, it is also possible to adjust the compression level to reduce the size of the file even further. Options include:

  • Lossless compression for pristine quality.
  • High to medium quality, which lowers the resolution of image files and shrinks the file without much impact on readability.
  • Low quality and zero-image PDFs. For very low bandwidth applications, users can direct Power PDF to strip out all images automatically or to insert low-resolution placeholders.

Automating this process is simple. Once you've found your preferred compression settings, you can set them as the default for the future. Power PDF includes additional custom settings for this process, providing a fine degree of control over everything from color to image quality. Need to prepare documents for different destinations? Set up multiple compression profiles to easily switch between as you work.

Make Quick Work of Document-Related Tasks

Saving space and making large files easier to share are tasks that are easy to overlook, but their importance is hard to overstate. Whether you're reducing the amount of digital infrastructure you require to store all your organization's data or you're preparing documents for public consumption, a quick way to compress files without sacrificing quality is an essential tool to have.

Power PDF makes these solutions accessible and affordable for SMBs in the insurance sector and many other industries. Find out today how you could save up to 70% with Power PDF's one-time licensing fee when compared to a three-year subscription to Adobe products and prepare to Work Like Tomorrow.

Find the Power PDF solution that's right for you

Find the PDF solution that’s right for you