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What is the Best OCR-Based Text Recognition Software for PDFs?

Small businesses face persistent challenges with paperwork. Those that have been operating for a long time often have extensive paper filing systems that are unwieldy and outdated. Newer businesses must still submit documents to governmental bodies that oversee their industries and work with suppliers and clients, scanning and emailing physical paperwork. The burdens of tracking revenue, expenses and miscellaneous financial activities often mean hastily sending paper documents to accountants that would be best preserved in a digital format.

Small businesses want and need to digitize their documents, but this kind of upgrade calls for exceptional software. The good news: there’s a clear winner for the best text recognition software to use to manage the process of digitizing physical documents into PDF format.

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Four Essential OCR Features to Digitize Your Documents

There are many pieces of software that can perform this function, so to find the best option for small businesses, consider the four key features that these programs must incorporate:

  • High-Tech OCR - Optical character recognition has come a long way since its arrival several decades ago. Today, the best digitization software incorporates industry-leading OCR technology to accurately discern text printed in virtually any font or handwriting. It can understand which parts of a document are text and even maintain its original formatting, meaning that you’ll spend less time re-checking your digitized documents and experience fewer transcription errors.
  • Language Recognition - Depending on your business, you may work with clients or suppliers in multiple parts of the world. It’s one thing for OCR to recognize English, but the best software recognizes over 120 languages, allowing you to accurately digitize documents from nearly any source.
  • Automation - You can save a significant amount of time by automating parts of the digitization process. One way to do so is to automatically email the scanned PDF to a chosen email address. Your business likely has unique processes in place, so you can select a built-in workflow or design your own to simplify recurring conversion jobs.
  • Intuitive User Experience - No matter how powerful a piece of software is, it’s useless if the user interface is a nightmare. The best digitization software incorporates these strengths while remaining simple for new users to learn. As you become more proficient with the software, you’ll be able to unlock more powerful features.

Why Kofax OmniPage Excels at Text Recognition

The only software that provides all those strengths and others is Kofax OmniPage. This software incorporates cutting-edge OCR, incredible accuracy, integration with other software and devices, one-click workflow options and a highly intuitive user experience. Something that sets it apart from comparable software is that you can secure access to all its features with a one-time purchase rather than renewing an annual license.

Explore the features that OmniPage offers to small businesses, and you’ll soon experience firsthand how this powerful option enables you to work like tomorrow, today.

Find the right OmniPage OCR solution for your needs