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Enjoy the Freedom to Print Securely Anywhere, Any Time

A more mobile workforce means the simple act of printing a document puts your organization at risk. When delivered to the wrong printer, documents can expose private information, waste paper and lead to compliance failures.

Kofax Equitrac Print-to-Me protects your documents by ensuring they stay in the right hands at all times. With Kofax Equitrac Print-to-Me, documents are held in a secure print server until the user arrives at the printer of their choice. Printing begins only after the user is authenticated. Confidential information remains secure, costs are reduced and your organization remains in compliance.

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Support employee mobility with more flexible and convenient printing options

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Manage your entire print infrastructure with maximum flexibility to set policies

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Increase security and protect confidentiality

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Comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other privacy requirements

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Reduce total cost of ownership by ending wasteful printing and eliminating personal printers

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Increase productivity with more efficient print workflows

Keep confidential information secure while lowering costs

Printing documents can be expensive and risky. Kofax Equitrac Print-to-Me helps you lower the costs associated with your print infrastructure, eliminate wasted paper and prevent the theft of sensitive information.

  • Each print server costs a company $6,000 per year to operate, on average
  • 20% of all print jobs are never picked up
  • 75% of all cybersecurity incidents are caused by inadvertent employee actions—including leaving private printed documents unattended
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We know documents are your business.

Ensuring they’re secure, compliant and economical is ours.

Secure Mobile Printing Allows Every Industry to Work Like Tomorrow

Working like the digitally enabled company of the future is key to your competitive success. No matter what business you’re in, Kofax Equitrac Print-to-Me will help you balance the needs of a mobile workforce with the priority of keeping private and sensitive information secure.


Kofax Equitrac Print-to-Me provides safeguards to help law firms protect attorney work and client confidentiality. Maintain client trust and stay in compliance with corporate accountability and information privacy regulations.


Integration with campus card systems and online accounts means students, faculty and staff can use the same machines. If the user doesn’t show up, Kofax Equitrac Print-to-Me ensures the job is canceled, eliminating wasteful unclaimed documents.


Give employees in any office environment the convenience of swiping ID cards to print from anywhere and the flexibility to bypass printers that are busy or out of service.

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