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What Is Print Management? A Quick Overview and Explainer

Understanding print management is essential to enabling your business to work like tomorrow. See how  intelligent automation software has transformed this tricky process.

Fast Facts

Introducing Print Management Concepts

What does the staff of your business do when they require a hard copy of a digital document? Print management takes place largely behind the scenes on our devices, but it is a critical workflow–and it is not immune to bottlenecks. Understanding professional print management and its evolution opens the door to smarter, faster, hassle-free work.

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Print Management Is All About Connections

The purpose of centralized print management software is to efficiently connect computers with printers throughout a large office. Without it, printing would be a slow, chaotic effort.

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Print Drivers Translate Data for Devices

Proper management means maintaining the correct drivers to communicate between systems and printers. Old or incorrect drivers cause print job failures and slowdowns.


Servers Centralize Print Job Distribution

Many businesses choose to deploy their own print server machine. Print servers collect all print requests and ensure that they go to the correct device at the right time, automatically.

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Management Software Simplifies Multi-Device Offices

Not every print job goes to the same printer. Effective print management makes it easier to maintain oversight in offices with dozens or hundreds of multi-function devices.

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Security Is an Essential Element

Is the person who authorized the print job the one picking it up? Management secures sensitive hardcopy data by only releasing print jobs to the correct employees.


Why Print Management Matters

The Benefits of Better Management Tools
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Eliminate Common Problems With Drivers

Broken and outdated drivers cause printing delays, system errors, and costly slowdowns. Effective management ensures driver availability.

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Enable Employees to Print Anywhere

Good print management systems free employees from constraints regarding which printer they can use. Foster easier collaboration and informational flow with distributed print setups.

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Implement Simple and Secure Printing

Deploy “print-to-me” solutions and monitor who prints which types of documents and to where. A robust print management platform keeps your data safer.

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Manage Large Printer Pools

Administering an office with dozens of printers is a daunting task. With a centralized software dashboard such as Kofax ControlSuite, you can manage these devices with ease.

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Free IT for More Critical Tasks

How much time does your technology team spend troubleshooting, maintaining, or updating printers? Enhanced management means less wasted time for valuable knowledge workers.

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Embrace Hybrid Printing

Augmenting on-premise solutions with cloud-based printing software opens the door to versatility, efficiency, and end-to-end printing support, giving employees greater flexibility to print how they want.

Core Benefits

The Core Benefits to Businesses

Why IDP is an Essential Element of Future Success

Driver Management Challenges

In traditional setups, driver and computer software updates can cause communication errors that trigger print job failures and lengthy troubleshooting sequences.

Printing Permission Difficulties

Group policies, security settings, and pull printing systems are all essential to safeguarding information and ensuring that unauthorized employees don’t pull jobs. However, these setups can be difficult to work with at scale.

Overloaded Print System Architecture

Do your employees queue around the printers, waiting and complaining as jobs complete? On-premise print servers and spoolers can exceed their maximum capacity in high-volume offices.

Poor Integration for New Devices

Bringing new printing hardware into an existing setup is challenging within some traditional management architectures. New cloud-based systems make expanding capacity simple with hardware integrations.

Use Cases

Cloud Printing: The Way of the Future

Re-Defining Print Workflows for Tomorrow’s Office

Enhance On-Prem Print Management

Combine the best of both worlds and maintain convenience and reliability for staff by using a cloud-based print server to enhance and supplement your on-prem printing strategy.

Print from Anywhere, Anytime

Cloud printing welcomes users across many devices, not just the Windows workstation at an employee desk. Advanced capture & print tools with cloud connectivity enable mobile users on phones and tablets to print just as easily.

Bring Virtual Users Back into the Printing Loop

With increasing emphasis on remote work and the widespread use of virtual machines in today’s workplace, printing has become a WFH hurdle. Cloud services reduce the burden of configuring drivers for VMs.

Streamline Device Management

The latest systems provide users with a centralized software solution for managing all the printers on their network plus their security settings and more.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Tungsten Automation offers a 30-day money back guarantee for the purchase price on all individual license products purchased on, beginning on date of purchase. Excludes Power PDF Advanced Volume (for Enterprises).