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Security Print Solutions: Protect Your Business from Fraud

Understanding print management is essential to enabling your business to work like tomorrow. See how  intelligent automation software has  transformed this tricky process.



How safe and secure are the printing processes in your organization right now? This easily-overlooked process can be a potential source for leaks of sensitive information and even a gateway for fraud. Modern security print solutions deliver better performance while closing security loopholes for good.

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The Risks Related to Printing Businesses Face

Where Do Security Risks Exist in Printing?
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Abandoned Documents Offer Opportunities

Nearly a quarter of documents sent to printers stay in the tray, never to be picked up by the person who sent the print job. With a stack of papers sitting in a printer tray, it’s all too easy for someone to stumble upon privileged or sensitive information that they don’t have the authorization to view.

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Unauthorized Printing Can Lead to Leaks

The way sensitive documents get to the printer can also be a source of security problems. Without printer security software that understands who has permission to print which documents, there could be many situations where information “leaks” to the wrong employees who may not have the appropriate training or clearance.

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No Audit Trail Means No Accountability

In offices where everyone sends print jobs directly to devices and there is no centralized print management or server, there’s no easy way to know who ordered which jobs. If you discover privileged papers left abandoned in a printer without security print solutions, it’s crucial to follow the trail back to its origin.

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Sensitive Data Sits in the Open Too Long

Even when an employee heads to a device to pick up their print job right away, that could still mean several minutes where that restricted paperwork remains out in the open for any passers-by to pick up and review.

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Weak Printer Security Offers a Way Inside

While the focus of fraud prevention usually lies inward, insecure and poorly administered printers can provide a potential way in for bad actors who may look to compromise business information in this manner.


Modern Solutions for Safer Printing

Fighting Fraud with Secure Print Management
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Centralized Print Management Streamlines Oversight

Preventing fraud starts by establishing clear boundaries and gaining the big-picture view necessary to successfully administer large-scale organizations. A centralized system provides vital stakeholders in the business with the data they need to create fraud-proof frameworks.

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Print-to-Me Offers Quick Authentication

End worries about documents left to languish while unauthorized employees help themselves to information intended for others. With print-to-me, secure print jobs wait on the server until users authenticate themselves at the device. From the print tray to the user’s hand, it’s a far more secure process.

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Multiple Options for Authentication

Choose the solution that makes the most sense for your business—PIN, RFID ID badges and other options make it easy for users to seamlessly interact with software to pull a secure print job from its place in the cloud or on-prem server.

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Keep MFDs Secure Across Even Large Businesses

Configuring security setups for every device would be time-consuming and tedious. Centralized solutions let you safely administer the entire system at once while enjoying in-depth monitoring of system performance and usage.

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Restrict Printing Based on Device or Content

Designate certain printers in highly public areas as off-limits for sensitive documents or use content-aware software to ensure the system won’t release jobs to users who do not have the appropriate credentials.

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Track Print Jobs With an Audit Trail

Who printed a dozen copies of the latest private report on business performance? With detailed logging of every print action and its associated user, businesses can quickly identify problematic events and respond accordingly.


The Major Benefits of a Secure Print Architecture

Achieving Positive ROI and Improving Operations

Eliminate the Potential for Costly Regulatory Noncompliance

Healthcare, insurance, legal—there are many industries where privacy laws protect the public from unwarranted disclosures by the businesses with which they interact. Print with secure technologies to keep your business within the boundaries with cost-effective solutions.

Fight Back Against Fraud From Documents

Using print-to-me, two-factor authentication and other technologies, cut down on the flow of documents to improper parties and eliminate the chance for crimes of opportunity.

Reduce Wasted Resources & Improve Print Efficiency

Letting users release print jobs upon arrival at a machine means less wasted paper and ink and fewer bottlenecks around devices, translating to a robust ROI and reduced overhead.


Achieving Better Oversight of Business Processes

How Security Print Solutions Protect Organizations

See Which Employees Print Sensitive Documents

Employ effective oversight to ensure that only the correct, authorized staff members interact with the secure information in your business. Identify unusual activity that may indicate potential fraud.

Ensure Only Authorized Personnel Have Access

Create a stratified system of user classes to define print privileges and ensure that there is always a way to effectively manage access to MFD resources.

Prove Compliance With Privacy Regulations

Ensure you always have a rock-solid paper trail to fall back on should questions arise regarding compliance with privacy laws, such as HIPAA in the healthcare sector.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Tungsten Automation offers a 30-day money back guarantee for the purchase price on all individual license products purchased on, beginning on date of purchase. Excludes Power PDF Advanced Volume (for Enterprises).