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Stepping Into the Future with Enterprise Hyperautomation

What is hyperautomation? Although the concept is only a few years old, it’s already having a significant impact on every industry. See what it's about here.



Coined by market research experts at Gartner, “hyperautomation” is more than just a buzzword—it’s a cutting-edge approach to automating business processes that are already changing how people work. H yperautomation involves the intersection of multiple advanced technologies combined with a strategy that aims to keep your company on the cutting edge. More than just one approach, hyperautomation is the next-generation revolution in strategic thinking about technology, business processes and how organizations function.
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Stop Relying on Humans for Tedious Tasks

Today's automation technologies create many opportunities for streamlining manual and rules-based tasks. Hyperautomation extends these benefits to many more people throughout the organization, freeing up human capital for higher-value tasks that aren't so tiresome.

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Identify Deep Opportunities for Automation

Automation can extend almost anywhere in a company's operations. Strategies involving a hyperautomation platform include tools for process mining and extensive data analysis that spotlight overlooked inefficiencies and unseen opportunities to automate even more of a company's work.

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Be Ready for Scale at Any Moment

In a competitive and global economy, it's critical to be able to meet any level of demand on short notice. With the embrace of hyperautomation, businesses can grow at any speed without outpacing their own infrastructure.

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Transform Workflows Across the Entire Company

Break down silos, connect critical systems and build a business pipeline that keeps critical information flowing around the clock. Engage technical experts and citizen developers alike to address the evolving demands of your work.


How We Define Hyperautomation

The Technologies Under the Umbrella

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Simple, ground-floor automation for providing structure to data, moving data between disparate computer systems, and following repetitive rules-based workflows, RPA delivers a foundation for hyperautomation. Importantly, other technologies can upgrade the effectiveness of RPA.

Machine Learning Technology

Using complex algorithms designed to "learn" through repeated handling of training data, machine learning, as a part of hyperautomation, seeks to work more effectively with both structured and unstructured data. ML underpins many key hyperautomation technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

AI platforms can include machine learning, but not all AI applications are strictly ML. Artificial intelligence takes the place of human intervention in a business process, solving problems and making logical choices. Where ML makes decisions based on probability, AI behaves more human-like.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is a subset of artificial intelligence that empowers hyperautomation strategies with the ability to parse and understand human language in both written and spoken forms. Fundamental for customer-facing applications and support purposes, NLP powers many of today's automated chatbots.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Similar to NLP but for printed and written text, OCR incorporates document intelligence opportunities into hyperautomation strategies. Combined with NLP, OCR ensures advanced computer systems can access and interpret the same information as humans.

Task and Process Mining Tools

Not every opportunity to automate is obvious, just as it is easy to overlook minor inefficiencies that snowball into bigger bottlenecks. Hyperautomation gives the business tools to identify these opportunities—and the techniques to automate them more rapidly because of an existing technology framework.

Low/No-Code Platforms

Involving every member of the organization in the process is the crux of hyperautomation. With low-code/no-code platforms, hyperautomation tools empower even the average user to streamline the tasks in front of them.


The Advantages of Hyperautomation Technology

The Key Benefits You Should Know
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Build a Digital Workforce to Augment Real Employees

Hyperautomation is the definition of working at all possible times—not just when employees are in the office or on the clock. Eliminate time wasted on tasks that can be done much faster and more reliably when automated and refocus human labor to higher-value work.

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Complete Complex Tasks with Speed

Achieve incredible outcomes with the combination of RPA and AI to fully automate even complex, multi-step tasks. Build in opportunities for human intervention when needed according to strict rules and enjoy faster output every day.

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Routinely Identify Opportunities for Automation

Automate your automation. Regularly review process data, mine that data for deep insights and deploy your technologies in a targeted manner to bring even more tasks into the fold.

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Remain Capable of Change at Any Time

Maintain speed and agility even when the economic environment changes or growth opportunities arise. Respond to changing conditions quickly with technology fully adapted to how you do business.

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Produce Better Real-World Business Outcomes

Lower costs and increase revenues with the capabilities hyperautomation unlocks. Drive towards a more robust profit margin with the savings realized.

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Enable Fast and Accurate Work at Every Level

Errors are only human—but they cost you time and money with every occurrence. Identify root causes, eliminate problems and automate the most error-prone tasks. Slash costs quickly by cutting out the need for repetitive work and time spent fixing problems.

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Transform Customer-Facing Interactions from Behind the Scenes

Hyperautomation means your customers have a better experience, too. Streamline business-consumer interactions with automated digital portals, chatbots and other tools that empower users to find the help they need without delay.


Industries Embracing Hyperautomation Today

Who’s on the Cutting Edge?
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Financial Services

With expectations of 24-hour availability for today's financial and banking services, hyperautomation ensures that major institutions can provide a high standard of service. Typical tasks include ingesting and analyzing large amounts of data, reconciling transactions and other critical tasks.

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Heavy Industry

Identify workflow and workforce inefficiencies to make manufacturing more agile, streamline vendor onboarding and payment processing, and intelligently manage demand.

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Fully automate time-consuming and disliked tasks the average healthcare worker handles, enabling more focus on positive patient outcomes. Monitor key systems, flag problems identified in data and ensure a stronger stance on regulatory compliance.

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Connect every part of the insurance process under one umbrella of automation. Speed up underwriting with data instantly available from multiple sources, empower policyholders with automated claims handling, and automatically identify and respond to risks.

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Meet the high demand for public-facing government services, automatically generate key reports, eliminate errors that waste funds, and effectively modernize for the future public sector.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Tungsten Automation offers a 30-day money back guarantee for the purchase price on all individual license products purchased on, beginning on date of purchase. Excludes Power PDF Advanced Volume (for Enterprises).