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Croatia- B2B e-invoicing

Building on the introduction of project ‘Fiscalisation 2.0’ last month, Croatia’s e-invoicing drive has just been sparked to life as the government announces plans for a nationwide B2B e-invoicing mandate. By means of some background, Croatia introduced B2G e-invoicing obligations in 2019.     The timing of the announcement is not coincidental. The VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA) proposal looks likely to have triggered countries to review their own e-invoicing practices as reporting obligations loom in January 2028, according to the current proposal.   Specific details of Croatia’s proposed e-invoicing are yet to be announced, but in all likelihood, this will be modelled largely on the Croatian government’s e-invoicing national platform, the e-Racun.     The mandate is expected to take effect from 1st January 2025, according to current timeframes. Currently, it appears that Croatia’s Ministry of Finance will include full transactional-level live submission of e-invoices, although specific details in respect of the e-invoicing solution have not yet been confirmed.   Tungsten is also probing mandates in France, Poland, Belgium and Spain, amongst others EU countries, which are expected to commence prior to January 2025. Croatia is, however, a compliant market for Tungsten and we are closely observing developments in respect of the Croatian mandate with a view as to how we can serve our Croatian market. Mindful of the ViDA backdrop, we expect Croatia’s e-invoicing model to be ViDA compliant and will keep you informed of the same.    

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