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Press Release

GenAI Enhancements Highlight the Next Wave of Product Innovation across the Tungsten Automation Portfolio of Solutions

Irvine, CA – April 23, 2024 - Tungsten Automation, formerly known as Kofax and a trusted leader in Intelligent Automation software, today announced new product offerings and significant GenAI-led enhancements across its entire portfolio. Leveraging nearly 40 years of rich history and more than 20 years of AI leadership, these innovations affirm Tungsten Automation’s commitment to delivering reliable, scaled, and proven technological excellence to global customers.

Spotlight on Product Innovation:

Copilot for Extraction: Through the synergy of Generative AI and Tungsten Automation’s unique AI extraction technology, this patent-pending capability revolutionizes data extraction by empowering users to describe in natural language what they would like to extract from a document. This makes application development more efficient and accessible to everyone, substantially reducing time to deployment by up to 80%, enhancing accuracy, and boosting straight-through processing (STP) rates.

InvoiceAgility: A new unified invoice processing solution helps enterprises navigate the maze of invoice requirements spanning regions, languages, and compliance. InvoiceAgility integrates its robust global e-invoicing network of over 350,000 buyers and suppliers, compatibility with multiple open e-Invoicing network standards, and the capability to quickly ingest paper, PDF, web form and practically any invoice format. Enterprises gain heightened accuracy and rapid invoice processing, significantly fewer exceptions, and valuable insights for managing cash flow and optimizing supply chain relationships.

Printix 2.2 introduces significant enhancements, notably through advanced administrative features that streamline management and improve capture workflow capabilities integrated with our AI-powered TotalAgility platform. Additionally, this version stands out with its unique multi-SAP platform SaaS cloud print solution, offering a distinctive choice in the enterprise sector.

Power PDF 5.1 builds on our industry-leading usability. Key improvements include new toolbar customizations that enable the rendering and viewing of 3D PDFs, providing users with a deeply immersive visualization experience. Additionally, this version expands cloud licensing options, offering greater scalability and cost-effectiveness for enterprises.

Focused Innovation Across Industries:

Banking and Financial Services: Tailored solutions enhance compliance, speed up processing, and reduce risks through secure, reliable, and proven GenAI enhancements.

Insurance: Automating claims processing and risk assessment with scalable GenAI technology, driving faster and more accurate decision-making.

Healthcare: Streamlining data management and patient care coordination with robust, reliable GenAI-driven systems.

Supply Chain: Enhancing logistics efficiency with AI-driven insights and automation, optimizing visibility and operations across the global supply network.

Public Sector: Transform citizen experiences, maximize efficiency, and drive digital innovation for federal agencies with our solutions in the cloud.

Each product release is specifically designed to simplify how customers utilize our software to drive productivity, enhance efficiency, and elevate the overall customer experience. Our latest advancements take center stage at the global Customer Summit series across Europe, the United States and APAC regions. These events will demonstrate how Tungsten Automation integrates GenAI and other advanced technologies to maximize the value delivered through our comprehensive portfolio of solutions.

"Our focus at Tungsten Automation is on enriching our products for customers. With InvoiceAgility, we’ve integrated the best of our product offerings into a unified solution. And later this year, InvoiceAgility will incorporate our latest GenAI innovation, Copilot for Extraction, to further strengthen our offering”, said Adam Field, Senior Vice President, Product Management.

About Tungsten Automation:

Tungsten Automation, formerly Kofax, is a global leader in intelligent workflow automation solutions with a trusted legacy of 40 years, with more than 2,200 employees in 32 countries serving over 25,000 global customers. Our commitment to innovation and customer success has earned industry recognition, including being named a leader in IA and IDP by Everest Group and process orchestration by Forrester. We are trusted to help businesses gain unprecedented efficiencies and reduce costs through workflow automation to propel their businesses into the future.

For media inquiries or interview requests with Joe Olson or Tungsten Automation executives, please contact:
Senior Vice President, Growth Marketing

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