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A patented image enhancement and perfection platform

Improve manual scanning productivity and document capture efficiency with VRS Elite.


More precise data

The quality of the scans and efficiency of the capture process is critical to optimized downstream workflows. Tungsten VRS Elite™ works like a quality control operator to clean your toughest documents and reveal data so you can access accurate information.
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Revolutionize document preparation

Reduces document prep time by evaluating each page and automatically applying the correct image quality settings. Color and black and white documents can be scanned together without sorting. Improved accuracy of OCR and/or ICR means fewer manual tasks.

Produce a perfect image every time

Eliminate the need to rescan with automatic image correction. Simple tools enable operators to make quick repairs without having to touch the original document.

Improve data extraction and retrieval

Success rates for data extraction and retrieval are dramatically enhanced when high-quality images are sent to downstream processes. Better image quality results in better data quality, and better data quality results in better decision-making.


Why customers choose VRS Elite

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Conquers challenging documents

VRS Elite ensures crisp, clean images whether scanning blueprints, wrinkled paper, security paper or other documents that have challenged traditional scanning software.

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Centrally manages profiles and licensing

Automatically apply profiles to each scan station from a central location, ensuring consistency throughout the entire scan operation. Manage and distribute licenses to scan stations using the licensing utility.

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Improves document processing accuracy

Dramatically increase the accuracy of your OCR and ICR software by delivering cleaner images for better processing downstream.


How VRS Elite can help

No customization required

Delivers high image quality out of the box without customization, saving time and increasing productivity.

Blank page deletion

Intelligently deletes blank pages when scanning single-sided and double-sided documents.

Color detection and smoothing

Detects color and black and white documents without presorting and normalizes the background color.

Network-friendly images

Suppresses noisy backgrounds and shaded areas, resulting in ultra-compact images ideal for display and speedy retrieval.

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