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All Saints Multi Academy Trust transforms print services to enable high-quality learning experiences

All Saint Multi Academy Trust has transformed its print services with Printix, supporting its cloud strategy and enabling exceptional experiences for teachers, staff, and students. The fast-growing organization is currently printing almost 100,000 pages per month through the solution. By eliminating delays and boosting reliability, All Saints Multi Academy Trust reduces stress for users and helps them work to their full potential—all while cutting helpdesk tickets by 96% and saving thousands of pounds a year.

  • Enhances wellbeing for staff and teachers by boosting the reliability of print services
  • Prints approximately 100,000 pages per month and counting with zero technical issues
  • Decreases helpdesk tickets by 96%, demonstrating greater user satisfaction
  • Cuts costs by £10,000 per year, redirecting investment to other services


Greater Employee Wellbeing


Reduction in Helpdesk Tickets


Per Year Operational Cost-Savings

All Saints Multi Academy Trust
The biggest difference that Printix has made is to our users’ wellbeing. From our teachers to our IT technicians, anything we can do to alleviate stress is highly worthwhile and contributes to our mission: enabling success for all.
David Allerton
IT Manager, All Saints Multi Academy Trust

All Saints Multi Academy Trust Logo

All Saints Multi Academy Trust

All Saints Multi Academy Trust is a fast-growing group of UK academies jointly sponsored by both the Diocese and Archdiocese of Liverpool that aims to combine aspiration, inclusion, and service to the community.

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