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How Power PDF Mobile Can Improve Your Team’s Collaboration

Running a remote team productively requires flexibility for collaboration to take place. Using purpose-designed software as part of your digital workspace allows team members to complete tasks quickly in any location. The Tungsten Power PDF mobile app places all the essential PDF tools at your team’s fingertips so you can compete at an industry level.

What is Power PDF?

Power PDF is a powerful yet affordable PDF management tool that gives you control over viewing and securely editing your documents. Power PDF makes converting, combining and cutting PDFs a breeze. The Power PDF Mobile app is a portable version of the software that allows you to keep up with your team while working remotely.

Organizations everywhere are employing more sustainable practices, including reducing paper waste. Embracing technology and collaboration tools can only improve your productivity and further your company’s contribution to making the industry greener.

PDF Viewing Anywhere in the World

Whether your employees are scattered across the globe or your company uses a hybrid working model, team members can access documents from anywhere with an internet connection. Power PDF enables team members with the correct password to access documents from your company’s server on their mobile phones.

Teams that regularly work together to create client reports will benefit from the tools available on Power PDF’s mobile app.

Annotation on the Move

Power PDF Mobile includes mark-up tools to encourage seamless collaboration. When your team is on deadline, there’s no time to wait for feedback until everyone is at their desks. Using the drawing, strikethrough and highlighting tools, anyone can offer their input from their phone. Users can also add notes, tags, and bookmarks to make sorting through documents more accessible.

Forms and eSignatures

Power PDF Mobile makes it easy to fill in a PDF form and sign documents while on the go. The intuitive navigation makes drawing your eSignature on the screen simple and resizing it to fit the document. You can also set the color and opacity of drawings and signatures.

Tungsten SignDoc is a collaborative, secure signing software by Kofax to speed up signing and enjoy a workflow free of countless physical documents.

Document Sharing and Printing

Power PDF Mobile includes AirDrop compatibility for easy sharing from one Apple device to another. You can also send the edited PDF to any printer on the same network without copying files to a computer. Switching from mobile to desktop lets you quickly pick up where you left off due to seamless cloud storage.

PDF Security Across Multiple Devices

Companies can create profiles for each team member, so they have unique eSignatures to access, sign, and send documents securely. You can further protect your documents with passwords to keep valuable information confidential when PDFs are sent from person to person.

The Power PDF desktop app offers additional secure sharing using encryption keys and digital signatures to protect your documents from prying eyes.

Affordable Cutting-Edge Technology

Power PDF is available for lifetime purchase at an affordable price. Compared to comparable products, which are only available with an expensive subscription fee, Power PDF mobile is accessible to entrepreneurs and startups. Our tools enable businesses of all sizes to manage their documents remotely while encouraging team collaboration.

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