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Benefits of E-signatures for Your Business

Electronic signatures are revolutionizing how organizations do business. Today we dive into the benefits of e-signatures for companies and agencies of all sizes.

Quick takeaways:

  • By switching to e-signatures, your organization can improve the efficiency of its processes
  • Your clients will love the faster turnaround times and additional security that comes with e-signatures
  • E-signatures are a sustainable option, reducing the need for paper-based resources

You can pay for your coffee by tapping your phone. Communicate with a colleague across town instantly on chat. And send a document across the world in seconds. Your clients and employees are accustomed to a quickly moving world.

So it’s no wonder that e-signature use has increased dramatically in recent years, replacing paper-based ‘wet signatures’. But you may be surprised to discover that the benefits of adopting e-signature for your organization go beyond speed. Let’s have a look at the benefits your company can reap by implementing an e-signature solution.

Make Your Processes More Efficient

E-signatures can be signed and transmitted instantly, allowing for faster document processing and approvals. This paves the way for other business processes to be completed more quickly as a result – improving your business efficiency and productivity.

Here’s how e-signatures make an impact:

  • E-signatures enable contracts to be sent and signed remotely, eliminating the need for in-person meetings. This saves your employees (and clients) time.
  • When e-signatures are integrated into your document management system, you save time by reducing manual data entry. These electronic processes yield further efficiency gains with improved accuracy and consistency.

Improve Customer Experience

Using e-signatures in your processes creates a difference your clients will feel. Clients who experience quick, reliable and secure transactions have increased confidence in your business, improving happiness and customer loyalty.

Here are the noticeable improvements to customer service through digital signatures:

  • E-signatures enable faster turnaround times, which are essential to good customer service. Digital signatures allow you to get documents to your clients faster and vice versa, speeding up typically slow processes. You can even send PDFs over Whatsapp.
  • Encrypted digital signatures are protected from fraud, giving your clients confidence in doing business with you. This level of security is even stronger than it is with wet signatures.
  • Many clients don’t have printers at home, so offering a completely digital signing option saves your clients the hassle of finding a printer or scanner for wet signatures.

Take Advantage of Paperless

An increasing number of businesses are adopting paperless solutions, and digital signatures are a key piece. E-signatures eliminate the need for paper-based, wet signatures – and the associated document processing.

The decision to switch to digital e-signatures can save your organization time and money, as well as reducing its impact on the environment.

Here’s how:

  • E-signatures are a sustainable choice, reducing the need for using paper as well as cutting those associated costs.
  • With digital signatures, sales representatives and mobile employees can close deals on the spot using their devices. This means they’re prepared at any time (no need to stop and print a contract!), resulting in faster turnaround times.
  • Say goodbye to that file cabinet. E-signatures can be integrated into document management systems, streamlining document storage and retrieval.

Strengthen Security with E-signatures

Not all e-signatures are created equal, and your clients are relying on you to select a secure option. Simple e-signature options aren’t encrypted, don’t enable identification verification and are subject to fraud.

Kofax e-signature solutions use advanced encryption technology to ensure the authenticity and integrity of the signed document, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized access. This also means that they can be used as legally binding documents.

Transform Your Process with E-signatures and Automation

E-signatures have many benefits. But the true power comes from integrating those processes to other parts.

You can unlock powerful process improvements through SignDoc integration with Power PDF and the broader Kofax Intelligent Automation platform.

Get started with SignDoc today.

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