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Reimagining Document Capture Solutions: Tungsten Capture & AI

Traditional methods for document capture in a business setting leave something to be desired—to put it lightly. Especially in large organizations where new document data can originate from many input sources, existing document capture solutions can prove slow, ineffective, prone to errors and highly demanding on the time of skilled knowledge workers. The result can often mean ballooning payroll costs, an unacceptable turnaround time, or a number of mistakes. How can teams today improve the document ingestion and filing processes?

Artificial intelligence tools help lead the way in this space now. By partnering humans with advanced automation tools such as the AI baked into Tungsten Capture, it's possible to retool entire workflows. Boosting accuracy, increasing job satisfaction, and more positive outcomes are all within reach when you start leveraging today's document intelligence solutions.

To understand the full impact of such technology on your operations, it helps first to identify the issues that most commonly plague users during this work. From that understanding, we can delve into why AI is the answer. Let's see how you can take advantage of today's technology to work more efficiently and effectively with document data.

What Are the Biggest Challenges in Document Capture Today?

On the surface, the process of capturing document data seems simple. It's just a matter of ensuring that everything important goes through a scanner each day, right? In reality, these workflows can easily bog down in various ways. Consider the following pain points and consider how many exist in one form or another within your offices. The most common issues that develop in this process are:

  • Problems with handling large document volumes or difficulties achieving efficiency during a period of scaling. With so many extra steps to handle manually after scanning, it can be easy for staff to fall perilously behind on their workload.
  • The handling of unstructured data. With documents that don't contain standardized formats, it takes humans even more time to extract and re-enter that data into different computer systems.
  • A wide variety of different forms that may vary from time to time. Even with structured data, forms might change occasionally, such as when a vendor changes the look or structure of an invoice form.
  • Multiple document sources. Your business could have dozens or even hundreds of scanners and other MFDs from many manufacturers. Documents can get lost in transit or mishandled at the earliest stage.
  • Complex document destinations. Data within your documents might need to go into various enterprise software systems, or they might need to go to specific departments or even into cold storage. It takes to classify and route such data.

With the AI built into the document capture software, you can immediately address these problems.

Using AI to Improve Outcomes With Capture & Tungsten Transformation

What does adding AI into the process mean about the realities of process transformation? Think of it this way: Today's AI engines excel at business tasks requiring decision-making and "understanding" of the data. By training these models to recognize differences in digital documents, we can create an environment where the software "knows" what type of document it's handling, what data it contains, and where it should go once digitized.

Cognitive capture technology supports processing both unstructured and structured data. As the AI ingests more of your documentation, it becomes even better at recognizing what outcome you require from any scanning event. For example, perhaps you feed in a large number of vendor invoices received in the mail. Based on your setup, Capture's tools can recognize that these are invoices. With the right extensions, you can extract that data and route it into CRM or ERP systems for immediate availability—with as little human touch involved as possible.

The Advantages You Enjoy by Using Capture

With a trainable AI model at your disposal, you can customize document ingestion workflows to be as lean and efficient as possible. The benefits are manifold and can clearly impact employee satisfaction with work processes. Less manual work and more valuable document processing translates into a win-win for all involved.

Some of the specific benefits of adding AI into the mix include:

  • Opportunities to accelerate your processes. AI can help you break through bottlenecks by processing document data faster and with higher accuracy, even at increasing levels of scale.
  • Capture and process data from all your sources. From scanners and MFDs to digital document streams such as emails and web applications, Capture reliably ingests documents from every source.
  • AI-powered data classification and extraction sends more accurate and valuable data into your back-end systems, facilitating better quality work further downstream.
  • Connectors on the Tungsten Marketplace make it even simpler to customize Capture for specific document types and for filtering scanned data to the correct destinations. Built-in connectors allow for rapid integration with more than a hundred major business software systems right out of the box.

With AI handling more of the heavy lifting in the document management process, you can redirect team efforts towards more mission-critical work each day.

Discover the Power of AI in Today's Document Capture Workflows

AI-enhanced tools look primed to transform how things work in many industries—but the future is already here in document capture. With tools such as Capture in your organization and extended functionality available through the Marketplace, you can leave behind old process problems and headaches. Document intelligence is a game-changer that offers immediate improvements and long-term advances as your tools "learn" all about the types of paperwork you process.

The right document capture solutions are much more than a simple scanning utility. Today, it can be an intelligent assistant that aids your workers in accomplishing more daily while contributing additional value to the organization. Now is the perfect time to discover what you can do by adding Capture, Transformation and other automation tools to your business. Start exploring what's possible now.
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