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Foxit Software vs. Kofax Power PDF - Features, Reviews and Cost

Which PDF editor is right for your business?

Selecting the appropriate PDF editor for individual or business requirements is a challenging process. There is a crowded market for this software, and it is not always easy to spot the differences between the offerings. However, it is one purchase that you want to make correctly the first time—especially if you plan to purchase volume licensing and supply these tools to an entire office or department.

Working with PDF documents can be an integral part of the workday. Two major options for PDF editors today are Kofax Power PDF and Foxit PDF Editor. How do these programs stack up on metrics such as features, user feedback and cost? Let's break down each aspect that you need to consider as you look for the right software to adopt for your needs.

Foxit Software vs Power PDF Features

Will you be able to do everything that you need to do with your PDF reader and editor? Breaking down the features of these software solutions reveals which program can support the types of tasks that you are likely to handle regularly.

Today, most PDF solutions have the same set of features. Because the PDF format is an open standard, anyone can develop rudimentary tools to work with its capabilities. Both Foxit and Power PDF feature document creation, conversion, editing and annotating. They also support key security features such as encryption and electronic signing.

The difference is in the details of the execution. For example, both solutions include optical character recognition for converting scanned pages into full-text PDFs. However, Kofax has invested heavily in developing more advanced OCR solutions, and as a result, Power PDF achieves better accuracy and tends to streamline scan-to-PDF workflows.

What Do User Reviews Say About These Options?

Online reviews can play an important role in the software selection process by providing you with insight into real-world experiences and user takeaways. How do these two programs compare in user feedback and online reputation?

On the popular business software review site Capterra, both the Foxit software and Power PDF have ratings of 4.5 stars based on hundreds of user reviews. However, Power PDF earned Capterra's "Emerging Favorite" distinction for 2021, signifying growing popularity in the PDF marketplace.

Many users praise the intuitive user interface in Power PDF, including its drag-and-drop document assembly options. Highlighted negative reviews primarily focus on user-centric issues rather than universal software shortcomings. Foxit reviews praise its complete set of basic features, but some online reviews complain of usability challenges and a frustrating learning curve.

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How Much Do They Cost?

Price point is a critical consideration, especially for growing businesses that must carefully prioritize their spending. On cost, Power PDF and Foxit software solutions measure out to be approximately the same. To access all the advanced PDF editing features of either software, you can expect to pay $179 for an individual and permanent license. Foxit also offers subscription-based services involving annual or yearly payments instead of a one-time fee. Enterprise licensing costs are by quotation only.

Making the Best Choice for Your Business

The best way to evaluate software is to go hands-on—and with trial opportunities now available, you can explore the user interfaces, feature sets and responsiveness of software firsthand. For enterprise users, requesting a site licensing quote for a more detailed financial evaluation may be your next step.

Learn exactly what Power PDF brings to the table for your business and explore its rich features firsthand when you try it today.

Over 10 Million Users Trust Power PDF

It is a very complete tool that allows us to convert our PDF files to very useful and well-known document formats including Word, Excel and PowerPoint among the most used. It also gives us the ease of sharing this files through tools such as Google Drive, Dropbox among others. a super lightweight tool that does not consume many computer resources.
Angelica A.
Enterprise User