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Why Every Business Needs a Way to Read and Edit PDF Files

Are there bottlenecks in your workflows that are so baked into these processes that you can’t even see the slowdowns they cause? These problems exist in many businesses and can be very difficult to spot, but they often cause lost time and money. Some document-related workflows are common culprits, especially regarding the information contained in PDF files. Do you really need a fully featured PDF editor?

Some businesses owners don’t think so, and instead, try to get by based on free tools or feature-limited software. Sometimes, employees may even need to turn to online web applications in the absence of any local software. This approach might seem like a cost-saving, but a closer look at all the missed opportunities for speed and convenience reveal why you should invest in the appropriate tools to read and edit PDF files.

The Power of the PDF: Why Do You Need Dedicated Software?

There are many occasions when business users may encounter these files and choose PDF reader software to open them, but some companies overlook the value of tools to edit PDFs. A few of the most common problems that stem from read-only capabilities include:

  • No way to search PDFs of images that do not have a full-text layer
  • Data locked in the PDF format without an instant way to convert to another format
  • No simple method for creating PDFs for the business, such as promotional or marketing materials.

Each brings with it its own concerns. An unsearchable PDF could leave a user searching for the right data point for hours. Tables and other important information that you may need in other applications will need to be painstakingly re-entered when you can’t convert PDF files. A lack of PDF creation capabilities could be a limiting factor in key business projects. Without good software, businesses can waste vast amounts of time “working around” the problem.

Enter Kofax Power PDF: The Right Solution for SMBs

With Power PDF, businesses can immediately tap into a highly valuable resource for breaking through these bottlenecks and doing more with their documents every day. Built for business from top to bottom, Power PDF contains every feature you could need in an editing solution and leverages the latest features of the format. With this single tool, you can:

  • Sign documents digitally and request secure electronic signatures in one place.
  • Encrypt documents with security protections.
  • Enable on-network collaboration in real-time between your users.
  • Convert PDF to and from a wide range of formats, including Excel, Word, image formats, and more.
  • Edit and manipulate every element of PDF documents.
  • Make PDFs searchable.

With so much power in one program, businesses don’t need to rely on a patchwork solution of free and online tools.

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Maintaining Cost-Effectiveness When You Select New Software

Power PDF doesn’t feature a mandatory monthly subscription service, nor does it require annual renewals and the possibility of future price increases. Instead, licensing Power PDF is so easy you only need to do it one time. Whether it’s an individual license for a key worker in your business or a volume license for every employee, pay once and get a perpetual license. An optional subscription opens the door to high-level technical support and customer service alongside immediate access to future upgrades.

Discover the difference made by having a fully-fledged PDF editing tool in your software lineup today. Try a 15-day trial at no cost to evaluate all of Power PDF’s features firsthand.

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