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When and How Your Team Can Use Power PDF

Kofax Power PDF is a powerful tool in the hands of any large business. It provides efficient methods to work with documents in nearly any format and manage tremendous amounts of information. This program integrates with your existing file editors and storage technology to make transitioning a breeze. The most impressive aspects of Power PDF are the ways that it transforms team and office collaboration.

Five Ways to Use PDF As Your Collaborative File Format

Once you’ve had a chance to consider the multiple ways that Power PDF outpaces the competition, you’ll quickly see how it can improve your teams’ effectiveness.

  1. Compatibility
    No file format compares to PDF in compatibility. Any desktop computer can access these files, including Apple, PC, and Linux-based operating systems, without any problems. This compatibility even extends to mobile: your team can access PDF files with full functionality on tablets and smartphones. Even if the viewer doesn’t have the fonts that a team member used in the file, each text-based element will display perfectly. Power PDF can natively edit PDFs without any difficulty, so you won’t need to invest in additional software to use PDF format for works-in-progress.
  2. Printing
    PDFs are ideal for printing as they also function as image files, maintaining margins, sizes, and other details. Text files and spreadsheets have some variance depending on local computer settings, but PDF files keep the data uniform regardless of the device accessing the file. Additionally, you can use Power PDF to password-protect your printing, which ensures that no one else in the office accidentally prints and walks off with the wrong sheet. When you get to the printer, enter the password, and your document will print.
  3. Storage
    Compared to high-fidelity image files, PDFs are remarkably compact, but they retain crystal-clear images. You can use PDFs instead of JPGs, BMPs, and other image file formats to reduce how much drive space you use in your network storage. When dozens or hundreds of employees are accessing a shared drive, you can multiply the space savings thousands of times over.
  4. Interactivity
    Power PDF allows you to put dynamic links throughout your PDF documents. This process enables you to create a table of contents that links to all other pages in the document. You can also link to external documents, web pages, and rich media such as images and movies. No other file format offers this kind of flexibility alongside multi-platform compatibility.
  5. Searchability
    As with word processor documents, PDFs are entirely searchable. Using Power PDF, you can effortlessly search for specific words or phrases within your PDFs. This program even offers a search that takes advantage of pattern recognition, allowing you to search for similar strings of alphanumeric characters such as Social Security Numbers, dates, and prices. The Looks Like Search can save your team countless hours as you parse through documents with incredible speed.

Enhance Your Team’s Collaboration with Power PDF

Kofax has made Power PDF as easy to try as it is to use. We’ve dedicated a team to supporting our Enterprise-level clients, answering any questions that they have about the software. We’ve also simplified the licensing process: you need only a single, perpetual license with a single admin to oversee your many users. You can finally eliminate the annual renewal fees associated with less effective but more common programs such as Adobe Acrobat.

Contact our team today to get a quote tailored for your business and try Power PDF for yourself to see how it can transform the way that your team produces documents.