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What Is the Safest Way to Read and Edit PDF Documents?

There are billions of PDF documents in the world. Some live on enterprise computer systems and contain important documents, while others hold interactive forms shared on the web for convenient completion of paperwork. Many are available for download on the net from various authors. Their contents are as diverse as the people and businesses who create them — but how can you be sure that you can read and edit a PDF without putting your computer or network at risk? There are some concerns to note.

Are There Risks to Using PDF Files?

PDFs aren’t inherently dangerous in any way, but bad actors can misuse them in ways that can make them dangerous. Some of these hackers can embed malicious code into a PDF file, so when a user opens the document, it executes one-time or persistent malware on the computer. For businesses and individual users alike, this can pose a significant risk.

Picture a low-level corporate user who receives an email that sounds suspicious but seems to be for an entirely legitimate purpose. Attached is a PDF related to the request in the email — but it turns out to be a gateway for a ransomware infection. Connected to the company network, such a virus could spread rapidly and cause costly damage.

While these aren’t the most common attack vectors, hackers can, and do, abuse the PDF to threaten users. The right tools to prevent these threats are essential. So, what PDF editor is right for you?

Why Online Solutions Aren’t the Best Choice

Because PDF software is not a default installation on most Macs and PCs, many users encounter situations where they need to edit or convert a PDF without the right tools. Searching for advice on how to edit a PDF in Word for free often leads to online sites that claim to let you work on PDFs without charging. These solutions aren’t ideal for three reasons:

  • They often have “premium” versions that you must purchase to work on PDFs over a specific size or with more than an arbitrary number of pages.
  • There’s no telling who ultimately operates the website or what they do with documents you upload to edit.
  • These tools often lack key functions and likely won’t detect the presence of malware, meaning the file you get back from the site could be dangerous.

Kofax Power PDF: Proven Reliability for Secure PDF Use

Choose professionally-developed PDF software maintained to the highest standards for the safest solution. Kofax Power PDF, built for business users but ideal for everyone, offers a safe and easy way to accomplish anything with a PDF. Best of all, the design philosophy behind the program features a heavy focus on security.

Power PDF can detect when a PDF deviates from the standard format or has a malicious payload, warns the user, and does not open the file. Combined with a reliable anti-malware program on your Mac or PC, Power PDF makes it stress-free to work with these common files without taking unnecessary risks.

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A fully-featured PDF editor can be as vital a tool on your computer as your word processor or spreadsheet editor. Try Power PDF for 15 days when you download a free trial version today and see how easy it is to use PDFs safely and securely every time.

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