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What Is the Best PDF Tool for Windows

The right software makes all the difference in how you or your teams tackle common problems and navigate daily workflows. From high-level, big-picture solutions such as enterprise resource management software to the tools used to create and manipulate documents, every choice you make about software impacts the way the business functions. That’s why investigating the market and selecting the best fit for your company is essential — and even decisions about which PDF editor to use require careful consideration.

For Windows-based users, which software is best when you want to create and edit PDF files? With many options out there, it's not always easy to know which option deserves your attention. Let's consider the factors that should influence your decision and explore the right solutions for your needs.

What To Look for in PDF Tools

If you've ever tried using a strictly online PDF editor, you know that you don't always have easy access to all the features you may need — especially for business purposes. So what makes a PDF tool for Windows something worthwhile? You should look for software that ticks these boxes:

  • Easy to use with a familiar user interface for fast adoption.
  • Enhanced with advanced features, such as digital and electronic signatures, 256-bit cryptography for secure encryption and advanced OCR for creating full-text documents.
  • Collaborative tools for editing and marking up PDFs in real time.
  • Responsive editing tools and reliable conversions for working in other formats.

Ideally, the best option will have all these features and more.

Options for Working with PDF for Windows

One look at the market for Windows PDF software reveals a crowded arena. Adobe Acrobat has been around for a long time, but its high price tag often sends many looking for another option. Some explore solutions such as Soda PDF or Foxit. Still, for many years, business was not a primary focus for these developers. Not all the features that users may want are always available in every version of these alternatives.

One option stands out for business users and others engaged in frequent high-volume commercial work with this format: Kofax Power PDF.

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How Power PDF Excels at Every Step

Power PDF combines the best of both worlds in PDF software, for instance: ease-of-use through a gentle learning curve and a familiar user interface with a rich set of features that includes every tool you could need for PDF editing and more. Structured from the first line of code for speed and stability, Power PDF provides the same exceptional functionality whether in the hands of an entrepreneur or serving dozens of seats in an enterprise context.

Available for a one-time licensing fee, it's easy to add Power PDF for Windows to your arsenal, so you or your teams always have the necessary power to create, edit, fill, sign and share PDFs for any purpose. See the difference for yourself when you try Power PDF free today with a 15-day no-obligation trial.

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