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Effortlessly Engage With Process Automation in the TotalAgility Designer

Each organization faces some challenges within its core workflows. Friction between different processes, an abundance of human touchpoints, and the time it takes to complete hand-offs all slow down critical efforts. With modern solutions for process automation, such as Kofax TotalAgility, you can eliminate sources of friction and reduce touchpoints without sacrificing important work. In fact, intelligently automating key processes can pave the way for more extensive improvements in how you work.

For many companies, adopting new tools requires a comprehensive evaluation of how such solutions can fit into a business. In a highly regulated sector such as healthcare, ensuring reliability and compliance are also key elements to consider. TotalAgility offers several key benefits that make it an ideal solution for healthcare organizations that want to streamline work - ranging from supplier management to patient intake processing. Chief among these benefits is TotalAgility’s built-in “low code” environment for automating processes.

The Value of Investing in a Low-Code Solution

Deploying automation quickly is essential. With programming-heavy solutions, it can take weeks or even months to develop, test, and deploy a solution that only impacts one element of your work. A low-code/no-code solution offers something better: a faster way to define automated processes while engaging those closest to the work.

“Citizen developers” are a valuable asset in these projects. When you put the power to automate work in the hands of those who perform the work, targeted and purpose-built solutions come more naturally. So, how do you make the magic happen?

A Quick Look at Process Creation in the TotalAgility Designer

When you want to start building a new automated process in TotalAgility, you’ll find the low-code environment to have a straightforward learning curve. With most of the work happening in a graphic interface, there’s no need to brush up on the deeper lessons of college computer science. Instead, you can enjoy using a broad canvas that lets you create clear connections between steps, events, and interactions with a process.

Creating a new process is as simple as opening the Designer to develop activities. For example, you can start a sample process quickly by first defining an “initialization variable.” This variable, once collected from a user, begins a process, such as collecting another item of information. You might then transfer that information to a database or take other action with it—there are many possibilities.

For a more detailed view of how the TotalAgility Designer works, request the free “Create a Process in 2 Minutes” educational resource available now on the Kofax Marketplace.

What Could You Achieve With Low-Code Automation?

Using the Designer, you can automate both simple tasks and increasingly complex chains of events. Combine that functionality with other Marketplace solutions, and you can transform the way you accomplish many everyday tasks. Some of the prime use cases include:

  • Improving data extraction from records
  • Simplifying healthcare privacy compliance with redaction or automatic removal of old files
  • Automate submission of claims to insurers for processing and more.

With input from citizen developers and the right tools, you can design processes that make a difference in your day.

Start a Rapid Journey Toward Positive Process Changes

Tools such as TotalAgility have the potential to transform workflows into sleek data pipelines that support the complex work of healthcare. That potential alone represents an exceptional investment. Low code automation creates a clear pathway toward quick implementation. Additional solutions ready-made for deployment in healthcare work environments available on the Kofax Marketplace also help reduce the time required for you to see a positive ROI on automation.

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