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Customer Onboarding

Using Settings to Customize Your Kofax SignDoc Setup

No two businesses have exactly the same needs; everyone will always approach their tasks slightly differently. Even in an area where "best practices" rigorously define how things should be done, there is often room for innovation and tweaks. After all, the reality of the business world can be chaotic and messy, and the need for resiliency is always high. As a result, when you choose an e-signature solution, you should be able to know that you can rely on it to provide opportunities to craft specific solutions.

In Kofax SignDoc, settings are about more than just basic user preferences—they offer a wide array of customization options that let you tailor your experience. You can transform the way your teams work with signatures overnight, from integration with software including Kofax Power PDF and our intelligent automation platform TotalAgility. Let's look at what you can do.

Add Signing Events to a TotalAgility Process

Using TotalAgility to control and automate your business processes opens the door to many exciting opportunities. Via integration with SignDoc, you can define specific events in a business process or case fragment that will trigger a SignDoc activity. In other words, you can pre-configure a signing workflow so that the relevant parties will receive the correct document templates with a request to sign at the appropriate time. TotalAgility automatically populates with your pre-defined SignDoc templates upon connection so you can choose the correct set for any given task.

Once signed, the documents return to your systems, and the process can progress. Consider the many potential applications such a process can have. For example, you can embrace opportunities to streamline the employee onboarding process, which often requires filling out and signing several different types of documents. By automating the request and retrieval process, you can keep HR staff focused on other important tasks without negatively impacting the speed of onboarding. These same advantages can apply in other spaces, too, from the insurance and financial industries to many others.

Build Custom Plugins for Specific Business Needs

Working within SignDoc settings gives you the chance to tweak the service's functionality to your liking, but did you know that it also has advanced support for plugins? When you have unique business needs, you can engage with your developers to use a standard framework to extend SignDoc functionality to meet specific needs. Our extensive set of plugins also opens the door to advanced functions such as the web-based capture of hand-drawn signature images and more.

Achieve Extensible, Flexible Digital Document Signing Today

With an extremely deep set of customization options living within the SignDoc settings, adapting this powerful tool to suit your specific business needs is simple. Whether you develop custom plugins or leverage the incredible power of TotalAgility to automate broader elements of your business processes, this is a must-have tool for today's enterprise users. Learn more about SignDoc and what it can do for your business today, and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have.