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Three Must-Have Workflow Tools to Gain a Competitive Edge

Small businesses face unique challenges across multiple industries. Retail, manufacturing, and office-based companies must compete against some of the largest corporations in the world for a highly-contested share of the market. While the internet’s global reach puts more potential customers than ever within your range, it also means that your business must seek every operational advantage possible to outpace the competition.

Kofax has created several programs that dramatically improve small businesses’ document management workflows. These programs allow your employees to create and edit PDFs, scan physical documents into searchable files, and create automated document management methods that can replace physical storage without any inconvenience.

While small businesses have distinct needs, every small business will find at least one of these programs to be a tremendous aid in streamlining administrative functions to stay competitive.

Power PDF - Unrivalled PDF Creation, Conversion, and Editing

Power PDF is designed to integrate into your business’s existing software solutions. Microsoft Office is by far the most popular suite of document editors and creators in the business world. Kofax designed Power PDF to use a similar interface in the menu ribbon. When you install Power PDF, it also adds essential conversion functions to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This feature allows your team to create documents in its preferred software then convert the files to PDFs in moments, without a steep learning curve.

Power PDF is more secure and more powerful than leading competitors, including Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. You can create fillable PDFs, search through hundreds of PDF pages with the impressive Looks Like Search that identifies patterns (such as phone numbers, employee IDs, and driver’s license numbers), and more. Power PDF also integrates with your business’s current security features, allowing you to use it with advanced Microsoft network management tools such as Active Directory.

OmniPage - Batch Conversion of Physical Documents into Flexible PDFs

OmniPage is ideal for businesses that need to reference documents continually. While physical organization techniques can feel familiar, particularly for businesses that have sales teams with long-term clients, digital document management is superior in several ways.

OmniPage allows you to categorize and search through your scanned documents, which makes it easy to find client files, sales orders, and other information as needed. Additionally, the advanced OCR technology that OmniPage employs alerts you whenever a scan fails to capture essential information. OmniPage can even reconstruct documents that weren’t scanned carefully, filling in the gaps and reorienting pages that were scanned upside-down or backward.

PaperPort - Document Management and Organization for the Workplace of Tomorrow

PaperPort helps businesses to better manage their documents. Consider it your business’s digital filing cabinet. For simple documents that must be scanned in bulk, PaperPort can easily capture the data that you need, store documents on the network, and share them among your company’s employees. It can even take documents from any source and ensure that they are properly organized and formatted within your storage structure.

PaperPort integrates with your scanner to directly convert physical pages into digital documents that you can immediately edit. Create thumbnails, separate documents, and rearrange them according to your purposes. Envision a world in which you can take a client’s submitted order and send different parts of it to each relevant team member to immediately fulfill—PaperPort makes that possible in just a few clicks.

Bringing Kofax into Your Business

Kofax understands how modern businesses want to work. Our customer support team provides assistance after your purchase to answer key functionality questions and ensure that your business has the resources that it needs to succeed with our products. When your team transitions to digital workflows that include Power PDF, OmniPage, and PaperPort, you’ll begin to see substantial improvements to your business’s efficiency and effectiveness.

If you’re familiar with other PDF editors and readers, you know that the industry standard is licensed software with monthly or annual renewal fees. Kofax has eliminated that model, offering your business a perpetual license to include the number of users that it truly needs. Compared to Adobe, you can save hundreds of dollars a year by making the switch to Kofax.

We stand by our software with a 15-day, risk-free trial—and once you purchase your license, you enter a 30-day money-back guarantee period. Contact us today to learn more about Power PDF, OmniPage, and PaperPort and give your business the tools that it needs to work like tomorrow – today.