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Should You Use an Online PNG to PDF Converter and Merger?

Swapping between image file formats is easy, but only if you want an image to remain an image. What if you want to prepare an image for inclusion in a different format, such as the PDF? When you have a PNG file to convert to PDF, it isn’t as always as simple as opening the file in an image editing program and re-saving it in a different format. Creating a PDF requires more specialized tools.

Should you turn to an online tool to help tackle this task? With readily available standalone alternatives such as Kofax Power PDF, there are several reasons you should consider skipping online converters with ads from top to bottom.

The Downsides of Online-Only Tools

Although you can find online options for a PNG to PDF converter, you’re likely to encounter some limitations that make the process less flexible than you expect. In some cases, that might leave you back at square one — trying to find some solution to your problem. What are some of the significant drawbacks to using web-based tools for changing formats?

  • There’s no way to know if the website operator is trustworthy enough to handle your data. Whether it’s a personal picture or an important company chart, you should exercise caution with uploading data to unknown websites.
  • Online tools typically don’t allow for bulk conversions or very large file sizes. If they do, they may require you to pay a fee. Working on an extensive set of files this way can be very tedious and time-consuming.
  • The quality of the conversion isn’t guaranteed. What if the output file is blurry or low quality compared to the original PNG?
  • You won’t readily be able to combine multiple files with online tools. A PNG to PDF merger is the tool you’re more likely to find in standalone software.

How Power PDF Makes Conversions Easier than Ever

With a fully-fledged PDF editor, you can avoid every issue from security to quality concerns by handling the entire process yourself. More importantly, Power PDF does more than offer fast, efficient file conversions — it lets you quickly merge PDF files too, making quick work of bulk jobs. It only takes a few quick steps: all you have to do is open the image file using Power PDF, and the program automatically converts it for you. Users can also rapidly combine multiple converted files into one comprehensive PDF using the built-in Document Assembly tool.

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Manage File Conversions and More with Power PDF

With tools that let you handle image conversions even if you don’t have a network connection, you can stay on top of important work while keeping your data safer. With a one-time payment option for licensing Power PDF, this cost-effective solution equips you with everything you need to take total control over your digital documents.

Explore why Power PDF is the best option compared to online-only tools when downloading today.

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