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Seeking Alternatives to the Default PDF Programs

As businesspeople, we tend to be creatures of habit. We also prefer the best tools to complete the job, even if we don’t know what those tools are. Unfortunately, the demands of business tend to take up so much time that there are few opportunities to investigate alternatives. The result is that small businesses will tend to work with whatever happens to be on their computers until they learn about security vulnerabilities or run into a task that the program can’t complete.

There are few areas of business where these habits are more apparent than when organizations use PDFs. Adobe Acrobat is the go-to reader for most people, so much so that many users are surprised that there even are alternatives. Small businesses tend to be more vulnerable to this kind of technological inertia, but there is an opportunity to try a PDF solution that is better for your business: Kofax Power PDF.

The Difference between Adobe and Power PDF

Businesses thrive on stability, so any time you consider making a change, you need to know that it’s worthwhile. There are several reasons that you should step away from the familiar (Adobe) and try something new for your PDF solutions:

  • When it comes to security, Adobe is a victim of its own popularity. To give some context on this, during the 1990s, Apple computers were far less widespread and well-known than they are today. As a result, when hackers first started taking advantage of the Internet to breach corporate security, they focused nearly exclusively on Windows-based PCs. Apple users could operate entirely safely without any anti-virus software. Similarly, hackers target Adobe because of its popularity. When you start using any alternative software, you’ll immediately become more protected from malicious code.
  • Adobe is satisfied when its PDF reader is the default program and won’t take things further than that. Power PDF is designed with the user experience in mind, and that means keeping things simple. It’s easier than ever to convert PDFs between file formats, edit them, and protect them due to seamless integration with your operating system and Microsoft Office programs.
  • Another way that Power PDF offers simplicity that you won’t find in Adobe is by consolidating the software interface. Kofax designed it so that users can engage many of its features without even opening the program. When you open Power PDF, you’ll have access to every feature, including password protection, creating a fillable PDF, and combining multiple PDFs.

How to Use the Extra Power PDF Features

Power PDF presents users with a user-friendly experience that brings with it many positive aspects. Perhaps the most impressive feature is that new users will intuitively understand how to use Power PDF. Part of this intuitive understanding is due to Power PDF’s simple design, which is modeled on the Office toolbar layout. Additionally, users will find many of the functions exactly where they make the most sense, simplifying the time it takes to become familiar with the program.

Many features won’t be immediately apparent, however. Unsurprisingly, there is a learning curve to make the most use out of the program, but Kofax already provides resources to help businesses make the transition. New users can reference a helpful “How To” guide that explores the major functions that businesses will tend to use most frequently. For those who want to delve into Power PDF’s extensive features more deeply, Kofax also has a friendly client support team.

Making the Transition to Power PDF

If you’re considering making this change for your business, you may still have questions about how to implement it. Such concerns are reasonable, but fortunately, unnecessary. As mentioned above, Power PDF integrates with your operating system and Microsoft Office programs to ensure that your team can easily access the program everywhere you’re likely to need it. You can also experience Power PDF first-hand and risk-free by taking advantage of a 15-day trial period. Install Power PDF onto one of your computers and let your staff explore its features.

It’s not challenging for your team to adapt to Power PDF if they’re already familiar with Adobe programs. Instead, the harder transition will be incorporating the impressive features that Power PDF offers over and above the Adobe PDF suite. Your team can easily overcome that hurdle with the resources that Kofax offers and simply using the program on their computers. You’re going to love the improvement to your business’s workflow when you make the switch to Power PDF and start to Work Like Tomorrow.